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Drum n' Bass


New urban era take a look at one of the freshest labels on the drum and bass scene

36 hertz recordings36 hertz recordings

36 HERTZ RECORDINGS owned by Mike Vapour has certainly played its part in the recent boom in the drum and bass scene , With the label holding its own sound it sets itself apart from many others while still keeping the junglist sound alive and kicking .


“36Hertz was set up by DJ Vapour in 2008 after i noticed that there was a gap in the market for the more bass heavy tracks that kept flying through the instant messenger every week. Standing out from the crowd and pushing tracks by newer artists was the ethos behind the label and from the success that the first release it became quite obvious that the label was hitting the right note with the record buying public” Mike vapour

With artists such as Bladerunner, Niskala, skitty, jaybee and new boys Dawn Raid to name a few it’s no wonder 36Hertz is getting the attention it does with exclusive radio shows on 1extra and cool London and their tracks being favoured by the Top gun Dj’s  such as  GROOVERIDER & NICKY BLACKMARKET the list goes on .

Also  the has label branched out into the sample pack market so expect to see more 36hertz classics breaking into the scene and you never know it may be you.


New Urban ERA check out new boys DAWN RAID & TEARS IN THE RAIN Dawn Raid drum and bassDawn Raid drum and bass

TEARS IN THE RAIN is a classic jungle ep with some serious hardcore bizzness The lads have done the scene justice with this ep by taking you on a journey through some of the scenes finest decades from early reggae dub jungle to the hardcore classic sounds we all loved back in the day, filled with sweet vocals and deep rolling basses and a touch of the industrial style which made artists such as EDD RUSH it’s like going back in time to all the best bits.

With Confirmed DJ Support from: DJ Marky, Nicky BM, Hazard, Bailey, Drumsound, Grooverider, DJ Die, Ruffstuff, Phantasy, Hiest, Doc Scott, DJ Vapour and many more your certainly going to be bouncing to this ep sometime soon .






BY Vic Brown

New Urban ERA 

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