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“54” by Rebecca Brandt

“54” by Rebecca Brandt

What you will here is nothing ordinary, just another piece of art to be admired! Composer and musician Rebecca Brandt mixes electro-acoustic, contemporary classical and electronic sounds. 

This is a very unique piece of music, at least considering that we are in 2012!  I feel positive about the quality of arrangement…the song benefits from quite solid construction, derived from what has to be a very purposeful and balanced blueprint. Before any notes were recorded, I feel certain the plan was rehearsed and refined in order to achieve a specific sound and feel.

When the music does get underway, I think its most outstanding quality is again derived from that blueprint (more likely to be accurately referred to as a “score”).  That quality is its gradual, methodical build, one layer upon another… until the music reaches a sort of cruising altitude (~2:06 – ~3:13), which is rightfully sustained awhile before a brief concluding passage.  One complaint I have on the writing is the somewhat sudden end to the song – I would have done something more conclusive, but that is perhaps more a matter of personal taste.

This song belongs in a film, at least as one of its destinations…I was immediately reminded of Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” when I heard it.

My complaints on the instrumentation/arrangement side would be first, the choice of percussion at ~ :46 – :56 – was slightly un-pleasing.  And for some reason, the Fender Rhodes keyboard sound also did not sit well with my ear. I can’t offer more of a reason on that, just didn’t prefer the sound.  Also production-wise, I wondered if the track was altogether too loud as is….I might have cut back the volume just a bit…

Positives of instrumentation would be that twangy, tube-amped, reverbed guitar sound, as well as the melody it plays—to me that is the bright spot of the entire work.  I also enjoyed the bass work in its entirety – note and instrument selection.

All in all a very unique and interesting piece of music.  While it is not in my favorite category for listening, I do appreciate professionalism in any type of music, and this work holds itself to a high standard.

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