Kristina “KP” Patrice


Kristina “KP” Patrice is a Memphis, TN native. Her experiences have confirmed that she should focus on writing, as it is her first and true love. She uses her literary gifts to create short stories, novels, films and videos.

KP is a journalist for a blog- and publishes data to assist independent artists via

KP has a passion for music. She feels it can change moods, be felt by the deaf and can speak on behalf of the mute. She’s happy about doing reviews for Soundcloud. This opportunity will allow her to share feedback and give praise all while also embracing new music. KP feels musical artists should take opportunities for improvement as seriously as they accept acknowledgement of their successes.

KP’s mission is to help individuals make wiser decisions and life-changing choices from reading or watching her works. She truly feels she can alter souls for the better, one word at a time. KP recognizes God as her Creator and the Creator of all opportunities she has to share her light with the world. KP resides in Dallas, TX.


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