Tremayne Worsham a.k.a. The Mighty Quiz

Tremayne-profile2Tremayne Worsham a.k.a. The Mighty Quiz

Quiz has always been into music. For as long as he can remember music has been a passion for Quiz. He started collecting hip-hop albums when he was only 7 years old, and as he grew he dug deeper into the culture and art of hip-hop.

In the early 90’s he became one of the original members of Phulisch Mortals and along with production and song writing he also started putting together his own hip-hop choreography.

Quiz considers himself a true B-Boy and takes pride in his vast knowledge of the culture. One of his past times is attending live venues. If you are a hip-hop artist and have performed in the city of Chicago more than likely Quiz was one of those heads in the crowd critiquing your stage performance.

An Associate’s Degree in Arts from Harper College, undergraduates studies double major in Sound Engineering and Music Business with minors in Music Theory at Columbia College Chicago, certified EMT-B, certified in Alzheimer’s treatment and related disorders, currently enrolled at Argosy University undergraduate studies in Psychology with a minor in Organizational Psychology, and certified Professional Assault Response Training. Alongside of working in film, performing live, and t.v. he still works part time as a sound and audio tech while finding time for some hip-hop choreography. He is truly a jack of all trades.

The Mighty Quiz intends on spending a lifetime to further move the hip-hop culture forward by continuing to shine a light on the social, racial, and economic effects that hip-hop culture has American and world cultures.

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