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Acid Reign produced by Tensei

Acid Reign  produced by Tensei

Who would have thought that “Acid Reign” would be beneficial to the environment. Of course this is not in a literal sense, but in an abstract representation of sound. Acid Reign not to be confused with Acid Rain, but just as distinct and powerful is a blend of pure Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul and Funky fresh instrumentation.

The smooth vibe of “Acid Reign” has the characteristics of musical genius and yet again reminds me of the hidden talents found deep within the realm of the Chicago winds. “Acid Reign” is an engaging track that I would have to describe further as mood music. I believe the producers attempted to bridge hip-hop, soul and jazz in a creative way that keeps the pureness of each individually, yet gives them all the ability to shake hands in a uniform manner. In short, I give this track 5 stars and I am more than ready to hear the entire EP.

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The Production Team

This Chicago based production crew, Tensei, is comprised of Simple X and Midas Wells.  The two met in college at Southern Illinois University with a shared love for hip hop and together formed the group Tensei. The Japanese term for “heaven star” is Tensei and in this case, the very meaning of the name is relevant to the characteristics of sound of this production team.

In preparation for their upcoming full length album via Plug Research later this year, today enjoy a free EP download entitled “One.”  This EP brilliantly showcases Tensei’s production style, forfeiting traditional use of samples and instead, using live musicians to create and produce their tracks.  They often sample themselves and other musicians they are working with so that they can continue the tradition of sampling within hip hop production, while dodging common struggles of sampling material that is not properly cleared with rights-holders.

Extended Information

Acid Reign is part of their first EP release on Plug Research based in LA, which showcases an artist’s roster that includes Bilal, Sonnymoon, Exile, Anthony Valadez and more. The “One” EP features 10 tracks for free download, mostly instrumental, but also features guest vocals from ADAD, Denmark of Crown Nation, Scarlet Monk and others.  Although it’s made available as a free download, you can also purchase the EP on iTunes today!

Find Tensei

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Facebook Page:  tenseimusic

Tensei “One” EP Out Now Via Plug Research!!

Tensei “One” EP Stream/Download Link:

Tensei “One” EP iTunes Buy-Link:


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