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Adina – “Just A Girl”

Adina – “Just A Girl”

Adina MainAdina MainIf you’re given the opportunity to sing in front of President Obama, you’re talented. There’s very little to analyze there. This past spring, Adina had that very honor as she sang “Star-Spangled Banner” for the President when he visited Jerusalem. Adina was an appropriate pick for this task as she has both Israeli and American background. Having been trained in New York City and now serving as a vocal instructor at Tel-Aviv He College of Music, Adina has put in the time to perfect her voice. She exhibits that skill in her new track “Just a Girl.”

Just as she did with her rendition of “Star-Spangled Banner,” Adina shows great range and fortitude in “Just a Girl.” From quiet verses, yelling choruses, and tricky key changes, Adina hits her marks perfectly. Her bright and cheery voice matches the song’s subject: an optimistic story about a girl overcoming obstacles and discouragement through maturity.

I praise Adina’s skill and positive energy. However, the song itself didn’t really jump out at me. The pop country production was a little generic and reminded me of a 90’s Faith Hill single. While that style has worked for a lot of people, it just feels safe and unadventurous now (no matter how good the singer is). For Adina’s next song, I’d hope that the musical arrangement is a little more interesting. She’s got the talent, now her music just needs the intrigue.

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Adina is a singer/songwriter of breathtaking originality who has established herself in the international music scene with a successful career as a performer in the U.S. and Israel. A singer with a three-and-a-half octave vocal range, Adina has performed everywhere from New York’s Town Hall to the Israel Festival in Jerusalem and has created three highly successful one-woman shows.

This past spring, Adina had the honor of performing the American National Anthem for President Barak Obama in Jerusalem on the occasion of his historic speech and visit to Israel. She inspired and uplifted a worldwide audience with her artful a capella rendition.

Trained in New York City, Adina writes songs that are soulful and smart. Renowned for her versatile voice, Adina’s lyrics are poetic and pragmatic, reflecting human experience…in all its dimensions.


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