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Ajax Ray O’Vaque produces music to be enjoyed with “Best Days of Our Lives” [Alternative Pop Rock]

Ajax Ray O’Vaque produces music to be enjoyed with “Best Days of Our Lives” [Alternative Pop Rock]

AjaxAjaxGraduates from the Berkelee School of Music can commonly be found working with pop music. You’d think that these graduates would apply their advanced education into the music they create, but sometimes people just want to make enjoyable music. This seems to be the direction that Ajaxm Ray O’Vaque is leaning towards with his new track “Best Days of Our Lives.”

If nothing else, Ajaxm Ray O’Vaque (stage name of producer Anthony Resta) certainly comes up with some enticing genre titles. “Best Days of Our Lives” is categorized as “Post Indie Modern Sci Fi Mambo Hip Pop.” Though in reality, it’s probably just alternative rock. In suit of its sporadic categories, this song is put together by several pieces that don’t really belong in the same song. From the introductory fuzz guitar riff, falsetto verse, and Grandaddy-esque prechorus section, this song slowly moves through different phases without much blending theme musically.

One part of the song really surprised me with its creativity, though. At the 2:00 mark, there’s a twenty-second descending tune with layered guitar solos that pulled in the previously-lacking emotion. When the song resumes its regular chorus at the 2:30 mark, it further convinced me that Resta has an arsenal of ways he could write songs and produce music. However, this part was superior to the rest of the song and I think he should return to that section’s mindset for something equally original, catchy and enjoyable.

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Resta is something of a musical renaissance man: he has served as asinger, songwriter, composer, engineer, multi-instrumentalist, soundscape artist, and holistic music creator. The Canadian-born artist began his celebrated livelihood as a session drummer, moving into programming in the late ‘80s through expertise with the Linn Drum. A chance encounter with Duran Duran led to one of the enduring associations of his career. Lippman Entertainment in Los Angeles signed Resta the same year he built the 3,700 square foot Bopnique, an award-winning studio in New England. Resta and his Grammy nominated engineer, Karyadi Sutedja, expanded Bopnique in 2013 to two new locations in the Los Angeles area.



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