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AJS (Alexandro, Joelle & Steve) – For You

AJS (Alexandro, Joelle & Steve) – For  You

ajs-smallajs-smallThe sound of AJS is a soulful wash of R&B and jazz, refined with modernist touches of synthesizers, electronics, and a dramatic score of choral singing—elements that are rare in these styles of music. The trio of Alexandro, Joelle, and Steve has assembled a sound rich in a zest for adventure but a knack for hooks. The vocal acrobatics vividly drape the scenic soundscapes, such as the string-heavy love tribute “For You.” The music of “For You” is gentle and abrasive, endearingly over the top and intense.

The team’s talent does not stop there, however. “For You” vaguely crosses into the territory of four-on-the-floor electropop that is most prevalent in the usage of starry keys and synths that add an exotic twist to the already striking orchestration maneuvered by the trio, keeping a level of tension and desirous melodrama. With just enough of a club appeal to find its way into the hands of the masses, AJs nevertheless retain a finesse of serious and purposeful musicianship that serves to move the body and inspire the mind.

AJS offer a sound accessible to people who come from many musical backgrounds with one unifying interest: irresistible pop hooks and body-moving grooves. The sooner they get picked up by a record label and thrown into the array of nightclubs, the sooner the public will know what they’re missing.

For you by ajs-ilemaurice

Three committed, talented and  professional artists from Mauritius. Singer/songwriter/Composer/musicians and can sing in English,French an dMauritians Creole on different style of music Soul/R&B/Hip-Hop/House/Reggae...
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