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SoundCloud Music Reviews: Allday’s Catchy Single “Coffin”

SoundCloud Music Reviews: Allday’s Catchy Single “Coffin”

A Mixture of Storytelling, Personal Style, and Melody

SoundCloud Music Reviews: Allday's Catchy Single "Coffin"

SoundCloud Music Reviews: Allday's Catchy Single "Coffin" SoundCloud Music Reviews: Allday’s Catchy Single “Coffin”

Allday is one of those artists that you haven’t heard yet, but you’re about to. Allday dropped out of art school in order to focus full time on music. Living off of stolen sachets of microwave rice for literally months, Allday still was able to make music and make it happen. He has dropped multiple mix tapes, popped up on Triple J’s World Famous Hottest 100 poll with the single “So Good”, debuted an EP that came up number one on the AIR chart as well as eighteen on the ARIA Charts, and still managed to find time to play a whole bunch of sold out shows and festivals through out Australia. He’s not sleeping, and neither is his game.

Allday’s debut album Startup Cult dropped its first two singles in 2014, “Right Now” and “You Always Know The DJ”. These singles have been getting plenty of radio play and better yet, have become crowd favorites with his fans. It hasn’t stopped there for this up and coming artist, who’s been enjoying sold out national tours, supports for widely recognized artist Lily Allen, and playing huge spots at festivals. That hasn’t stopped Allday from focusing on his craft, and Startup Cult has continued to be a strong album.

A blend of influences in addition to personal stories, Startup Cult has done pretty well for itself. The thousands of fans that discovered Allday helped make the album debut at number three on the ARIA Album Charts. It even hit number one on the iTunes Hip Hop charts! Not bad for a new artist. The emcee from Melbourne has also been featured in a number of media outlets, from Rolling Stone magazine to BuzzFeed to The Brag and Music Feeds, as well as many, many more. The album came up for nomination at the AIR Awards as one of the best hip hop releases of the year and went on to win in the hip hop category at the Fowler’s Live Awards.

Allday is doing pretty well, with a massive national tour that sold out in days and months before the actual shows. It’s all a testament to the unique blend of Allday’s voice, hip hop, grunge, and more, all wrapped up into one unique package. US college radio and listeners everywhere are starting to discover what is so unique about Allday. With more summer festivals lined up and hitting the CMJ charts, Allday is starting to blow up. From humble beginnings, Allday is truly starting to gain a following.

Now Allday’s newest single “Coffin” is starting to take off. The sound right away is quirky, with instrumentals setting the tone of the song. Then Allday starts rapping. It’s a song that you can throw on in your car and drive around to, and the words are a mixture of story telling, personal style, and melody. The style of this upcoming artist brings to mind the stylings of rapper and hip hop phenom Kid Cudi, but with a completely different flavor that is all Allday’s own.

One of the coolest parts of “Coffin” is that it doesn’t sound like a rip off of anyone’s music. A lot of professional artists tend to borrow from other genres or artists. This is no rip off of Kanye or The Game. Allday’s sound is all his own, gritty and honest, emotional but confident, but without the ego. It’s a breath of fresh air in an arena where bragging, boasting, and all out pretending to be something that you’re not is prevalent.

The lyrics are amusing and speak to a sense of humor lurking in Allday’s style– he raps at one point “I live my life to the fullest and my heart is still ticking, and I’m going straight to hell, I’m trying to chill with Little Nicky”. Dark but enjoyable, surprisingly catchy, and one great track to listen to while riding around in your car, Allday’s newest single “Coffin” appeals to the baller, party starter, hellraiser, heartbreaker, and lyricist in all of us.

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Having dropped out of art school to focus full time on music, Allday successfully lived off stolen sachets of microwave rice for months on end. Oh, and managed to drop multiple mixtapes, slide into triple j’s world famous Hottest 100 Poll with ‘So Good’, debut an EP at #1 on the AIR chart (and #18 in the ARIA Charts), and play a whole slew of sold out shows and festivals around Australia.

Which brings us to 2014, where the first two singles, “Right Now” and “You Always Know the DJ”, from Allday’s debut album Startup Cult, have found a place on the airwaves and into the hearts of many. Sold out national tours, supports for Lily Allen, and huge festival spots have ensued.

Startup Cult is a blend of broad influences and personal stories. Thousands joined the cult and helped Allday debut at #3 on the ARIA Album Charts, and #1 on iTunes Hip Hop Charts. The Melbourne emcee has also been featured in Buzzfeed, Rollingstone,The Brag, Music Feeds, among other media outlets. A massive national tour sold out within days, months ahead of the shows themselves.

The album was nominated at the AIR Awards as one of the best hip hop releases of the year, and won the hip hop category at the Fowler’s Live Awards.

With a swag of summer festivals to come, US College Radio picking up on Allday and the album hitting the CMJ charts, Allday’s cult is spreading far.





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