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Altair 6 – “Sightseeing (Original Mix)”

Altair 6 – “Sightseeing (Original Mix)”

Altair 6 – “Sightseeing (Original Mix)”

Hailing from the Netherlands, this tune by Dutch artist Altair 6 melds influences from disco, dance, and electronic music to create a breezing fusion. “Sightseeing (Original Mix)” drives along with a gentle yet firm beat to carry the weight of a trance-like synth line that bounces and hums. Altair 6 prefers to rely on old-school analogue technology to put a bit of soul back into electronic music, and that sounds like a modest goal.

Listening to this sample of what they have to offer, it is difficult not to notice the warmth and fullness—how the dance beat pounds confidently into the headphones and creates a strong backbone for the dominating melody. The repetition of it all is hypnotic, floating weightlessly in the air and guaranteed to polish clubs with a futuristic sheen akin to the 70s and 80s styles Altair 6 take influence from.

The goal of Altair 6 Records is to “bring the music inspired from the cosmos down to the people of Earth worldwide.” The other-worldly vibe established in the 3:44 runtime seems to do not only that, but also meld the two entities together in a marriage of Heaven and Earth, of angels and humans. There is elegance in simplicity and complexity in humility, and Altair 6 appear to have that concept nailed if this song is of any indication of other recorded songs and an eventual full-length album.

Don’t be fooled by any retro implications: “Sightseeing (Original Mix)” avoids pointless nostalgia by nodding to the past while looking to the future.

Close your eyes and let Altair 6 soothe you into a melodic dance groove:

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