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Anne Simone – “Digitize Me”

Anne Simone – “Digitize Me”

Anne Simone - "Digitize Me"Anne Simone - "Digitize Me"Like many of us in the 21st century, Anne Simone feels the influence of digital technology in everything. Her new song “Digitize Me” doesn’t show fear towards the digital age, though. Instead, Anne Simone goes with the “if you can’t beat them, join them” philosophy and offers a playful incorporation of the digital theme. “Digitize Me,” which is from Simone’s new album Bittersweet, sprinkles technology puns into a fun pop song.

Seattle-based singer/songwriter Anne Simone initiates the song with old-fashioned printing noises from a DOS-aged computer. This provides a Segway into the computerized bassline, synthesizers, and electronic drum beats that provide the backbone of this song.

On paper, Anne Simone’s lyrics of feeling distant and actually wanting someone else to “digitize” her could be haunting. In presentation, the song does not come out that way. The vibe of the track is uplifting and positive. The mastering of “Digitize Me” is also clean and easy to discern.

The only criticism I can offer for “Digitize Me” is that the song doesn’t change gears. The track starts out with a certain level of energy and sound without changing much. Though repetition in itself isn’t a bad thing, there were a few opportunities for Anne Simone to add some drama give the song a more memorable structure. Perhaps a subtle increase of volume and instruments in the chorus could have done the trick. Either way, this track is a fun and enjoyable listen.

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Anne-Simone is a singer/songwriter. The keyboard is her main instrument. You will likely find her these days in the Pacific Northwest, North America. Her music is a futuristic breed of electro pop and indie with a resilient, uplifting feel. Her debut album “Bittersweet” is due for release Jan 11, 2014. Her musical influences and inspirations range from classical to today’s hits. “Anything good and musically harmonious” is how she puts it. Oh yes, and this thing called “life” apparently adds some flavour to the music, too. At the end of the day, she’d much rather make music than talk about herself, so here is a summary in her own words:


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