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Apart of Me by Tikki Vibez [Pop]

Apart of Me by Tikki Vibez [Pop]

“Apart of Me” by Tikki Vibez is a unique track with unlimited potential. Starting with the introduction, the song grabs your attention. The song almost has two introductions. The first being the initial 23 seconds. This part could use some serious improvement. The 13 seconds following the initial 23 seconds is what I would consider the second, true introduction. The initial introduction and the true introduction are disconnected. The transition is flawed, and it disrupts the flow of the tune. If this were to be fixed or the first 23 seconds cut altogether, the track would be in much better shape.

That being said, the piece of the track that I would consider the true introduction is atmospheric, creating a distinctly uplifting vibe for the song. This feeling remains throughout the track and is what helps make the song feel so unique. The rhythm flows and pairs well with the uplifting tone which helps give consistency to the track that demands appreciation. In part, this tone is further aided by the excellence of the instrumentalists behind Tikki Vibez. The instrumentation is rich with a particularly strong bass that reflects the bassist’s raw talent. 

Tikki Vibez vocal melody is tuneful at times adding a sweet layer to the track that softens some of the harder edges of the instrumentation. Vibez shows that she has a bright voice that is filled with optimism. With that in mind, the vocals are diminished by the production quality of the track. There is a lack of balance between the vocals and the instrumentation and, in this case, the instrumentation generally wins. It drowns out Tikki Vibez’ vocals making it hard to hear her undeniable talent and further makes it impossible at times to hear clearly what the lyrics are saying. This is a true shame. 

If the producer behind “Apart of Me” balanced the vocals and instrumentation more, the track would be a force to be reckoned with. The talent is truly in the track, it’s just fitting that talent together and balancing the pieces that could be improved. Overall, Tikki Vibez and her team show a talent for their craft and with some improvements prove that they could be an unstoppable, musical force.

Tikki Vibez is a 21 year old artist born in London, raised in Southern California. At the age of 16 she picked up the guitar but wasn’t till she was 18 that she had developed a passion for it. In the winter of 2016, she had created her fashion brand called Fourth Dimension, specializing in the usage of crystal quartz on headpieces. The artist then translated her designs in fashion onto instruments. Tikki Guitars’ was founded in spring of 2018. Her unique flair for designs has captured the eyes of many.

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