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Ariel Morer has a pure voice of hope with “Indestructible” [Pop/Ballad]

Ariel Morer has a pure voice of hope with “Indestructible” [Pop/Ballad]

ariel-morer-indestructableariel-morer-indestructableAriel Morer’s Indestructible is very emotional. In her bio she describes how this single is a way to awareness to eating disorders. Many people who have depression or sadness in their lives sometimes use food as an escape. This song gives a voice to their pain and suffering. At first impressions this can be a very sad song, but upon a second listening those notions are corrected. It actually becomes a song of hope and will power.

The lead vocal is a cry for help. It starts off soft and sober in tone. By using stepwise movement and long tones, she takes the listener on a journey. The lyrics express the struggle that comes with fighting these pains, and the only comes from within. No one else can be your hero but yourself. This song also makes use of intangible wails and moans to convey even more raw emotion where words won’t suffice. The supporting vocals serve as the voices in the crowd or one’s mind. They are the fears, doubt and sadness experience.

The instrumentals in this sound track were beautiful. A light drum set keeps a steady rhythm and tempo. It truly acts like an unwavering heartbeat. The synthesizer’s use provides notes mimics another vocalist during the intro and break down section as it sings through different pitches. The rest of the instrument parts in this track provide a backdrop for the music. They give a setting and mood to the music. It allows the music song to be mystifying yet obtainable at the same time.

If there was any down falls to the song it would be the tempo and length. The song feels almost like a teaser, and it leaves you wanting more.  For the artist this keeps her audience coming back, but some listeners might feel as though they are being cheated. Another pit fall pertains to the tempo. The speed of the song drags and emits gloom and dread.

Although the mood says otherwise, I was glad that I heard such a song. I like Ariel’s style and creativity. I felt a bit inspiration and I’m ready for her next single.


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When Ariel Morer was three years old, she already knew that her purpose was to be a musician. At the tender age of four, she began taking music classes and constantly craved more. By five, she had found a love for the piano and continued to enhance her skills until age seven, when she decided she wanted to focus on her vocals. She eagerly engaged in vocal lessons and recitals, and soon found that she had a lot to say, so she broke out an old journal and wrote her heart into lyrics and melodies. That moment was life changing for Ariel- she had found a raw, personal outlet in which she could channel her energy. This opened up a whole new world of creativity and inspiration.

Since her childhood, Ariel has come light years as an artist. Collaborating with various musicians and DJs has been part of her growth and evolution as a writer and performer. “Lyrically”, she says, “it’s essential that you write about what you know. I want to be honest with people, and honesty often means vulnerability. I want to relate to people and I want to inspire, but I’m not about to compromise myself. There are obviously songs that come out of me that come from an incredibly raw place, but at the same time there are days when I’m inspired to write about something totally unconventional. All of that is honesty to me.” She is currently in the process of writing songs for an upcoming EP, which she plans on submitting to record labels.


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