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B-Side Project Innovation Award – Sounds of Joah remix of Sienna “Little Rich Boy”

B-Side Project Innovation Award – Sounds of Joah remix of Sienna “Little Rich Boy”

Project Objective:  Bucking the trends, creating individual style, non-conformism!

jonah2jonah2Sienna pays tribute to artists like Bob Dylan and Roy Orbison. The structure of the song sounds so similar to songs you would have heard forty or fifty years ago, but in no way does it sound stale or stuffy. They sound fresh and modern, only using the songs of older generations as a template for their sonic imprint on the world. With elements of Americana in their music it’s easy to hear where they get their influences, but in no way does it dictate their music. Good music is made from taking your influences, and creating something all your own from it. They’ve done it very well.

Sounds of Joah remixed “Little Rich Boy” and honestly it wasn’t what I was expecting. The sonic depth of it is utterly amazing. The use of samples and effects are just stunning. If you listen to it carefully you can hear sounds from the original, but the way that Joah morphed them don’t mask them they twist and turn them into something different. I have rarely hear this with remixes. Bits and samples from the original are always used, but not often enough in this fashion. This is an amazing example of how to make good music. Taking something from the original and creating something completely new and your own from it. Joah exemplifies this perfectly. He knows how to work with sound and how to make something that is not just sonically pleasing, but something makes you go back and listen again and again to hear those little bits hidden between the lines. Not a single bit of space is wasted in his mix, everything has it’s place and it’s function. Because of that it works so well.

The use of Eastern influenced samples mixed with beats that just fantastic along with his use of effects and panning is an absolute pleasure to listen to. His mixing abilities are fantastic and how he creates a deep sonic playground for the listener is extraordinary. He knows his craft inside and out, and it most definitely shows. Keep an eye on this one, and have multiple listens to his existing work. Both Sounds of Joah and Sienna are acts to watch out for, they may take the world over.

The track is all about cold late nights alone or something pretentious like that … Gathering inspiration from many genres the result is something I find hard to describe to people without playing them the track. I tried to use samples that many people would often use but process them in a different way. Crafting a selection of effects to twist the sound into something resembling the original but also (hopefully) a bit different.

Short Biography

From Cardiff, Joah arrived in Cambridge in 2009 and has been DJing since then. He’s played on line ups with artists such as Zed Bias, Oneman, Jackmaster, Youngsta, Kromestar, Loefah, Kode9, Eliphino, Floating Points, Alix Perez, Inland Knights, LV and DjRum to name a few. Now as part of Method and Turf you can catch him at the Fez Club most Thursdays. Moving into production was a logical step, drawing inspiration and samples from his record collection. Having fallen in love with vinyl two years ago he buys and sells collections to help him find the best tunes that he could never afford to purchase individually. After meeting a fellow wax head the two of them have set about to start Mint Green Records, doing monthly pop up shops in Cambridge and also selling records online.

Remixed Track

[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100{41e357fed0c84f9247e7e029c2544c4f4d2795d9dff547b874d0988202651dd4}” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Original Track

[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100{41e357fed0c84f9247e7e029c2544c4f4d2795d9dff547b874d0988202651dd4}” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

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About The B-Side project

The B-Side Project started in 2009 as a UK wide project based around fusing music and providing artists with promotional opportunities. The B-Side Project is the brain child of NE-Xcuse, with the main objective to merge music and to provide additional platforms for music artists, both of live music and electronic production. The objectives are; to fuse formats of music (live formats such as singer-songwriter/acoustic/rock with electronic formats); to provide a platform for musical talent, both locally and by using international exchange; to promote local and international music communities; to provide the audiences with different influences. Access to Music (ATM)

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