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B-Side Project Production Award & Best Remix – Hugh Hardie remix of The Outs “Get Around”

B-Side Project Production Award & Best Remix – Hugh Hardie remix of The Outs “Get Around”

hhardiehhardieProject Objective:   Presented by SoundCloud, awarded to the producer and remix track that comes up top in the technical side of things as well as scoring highest overall. The judges look at the skills shown in sound design and dynamics of the mix (‘mix’ being the piece as a whole).

The Outs scream Rock N’ Roll. The influence of The Who, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles are ever present in their music. Keith Moon would be happy to hear his style of playing like a man possessed has been passed on through to another generation. While the music of the past is the heartbeat of their music, you can hear the modern touches they have applied to their playing and the effects on their instrumentation and mixing. They took what was so good with their influences and have jumbled it up. They pay homage to the past and take what is good about the modern and make it utterly and completely their own. The production is flawless. Sonically everything is exuberant, and nothing overwhelms anything else. Nothing fights for your attention.They know how to work their instrumentation and write catchy lyrics. It is a real treat to be able to hear something that acknowledges where music is and where it is now so well. That balance is a hard thing to come by.

Hugh Hardie’s remix of “Get Around” drags the song completely into the modern day. Utilizing more contemporary aspects of music effects and techniques, he creates a wholly different template for the song. By getting rid of the standard instrumentation for a rock song, he removes the box of what it should be and allows it to become something all it’s own. Listening to his version and the original, it’s amazing to hear the different interpretations of it. He plays up more of the bands hidden influences, portions of the remix almost sound like they are influenced by Eastern Music more than the Western Rock n’ Roll that the band proudly shows off. It is mind-blowing to hear how drastically different the songs are, and to hear the direction that Hugh took the song in. This is a perfect example of two sides of a coin, one pays homage to the past with tinges of the future, the other is the future with bits of the past peeking through.

We believe we have won because of the distinctive mixture between a modern electronic sound with a vintage sound that The Outs make. So it ended up “pleasing the two sides of the same coin”.

Short Biography

Formed more than half a decade ago, The Outs began with the cousins Dennis and Tiago playing songs in family gatherings. It didn’t take too long till they noticed the team chemistry and decided to form a band. The Outs started as “The Outs!”, became “The Outs of Outland”, but in the end they decided to go back to the original name – But without the exclamation mark.

The truth is that The Outs are linked to the origins… Of Rock’n’Roll, of course. Think of a band with influences like: Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Rolling Stones and The Who. Not to mention the Blues and Country influences… Not to mention the Indian music, which can be heard in “The Way of the Sun”. Not to mention the dozens of influences that would not even fit in here.

Remixed Track

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Original Track

[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100{41e357fed0c84f9247e7e029c2544c4f4d2795d9dff547b874d0988202651dd4}” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

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About The B-Side project

The B-Side Project started in 2009 as a UK wide project based around fusing music and providing artists with promotional opportunities. The B-Side Project is the brain child of NE-Xcuse, with the main objective to merge music and to provide additional platforms for music artists, both of live music and electronic production. The objectives are; to fuse formats of music (live formats such as singer-songwriter/acoustic/rock with electronic formats); to provide a platform for musical talent, both locally and by using international exchange; to promote local and international music communities; to provide the audiences with different influences. 

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