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Bay Area MC – Foodie

Bay Area MC – Foodie

Classic Horror movies, pop culture references, a love of all things weird, and of course food. These elements lie at the molecular center of Bay Area MC, FOODie. On Bohemian Style, FOODie brings his special brand of weird over, London hip hop producer Lewis Parker’s, dark passenger of a beat.  It evokes that 90’s hip hop quality that truly resonates with this listener. FOODie’s bizzaro rapping flows nicely over this beat.  His verse makes way for Jim Morrison to explain,  to some square journalist, how performing with a headful of acid while showing your “pants microphone” to a  crowd of people somehow is a juxtapose of his vanilla views on artistic liberties and freedoms.  It’s important to make mention of the fact that FOODie also is a writer for the post apocalyptic western comic The Mustache Ride. This is important because you can hear this comic book imagery,  along with every movie, every tv show, and every pop culture reference he can throw at you in 16 bars.

Bohemian Style is on his upcoming mixtape release titled Occult Cypher which is mainly comprised of tracks that he collaborated on with other producers from Soundcloud. It is his nod to 90’s Hip Hop. It also features raps over beats by J. Dilla and most interestingly, a great track by one of my favorite slept on artists El Michels Affair which he titled Bird Brain.

I will now get into the shameless plug portion of this review by mentioning that FOODie and myself (SLEEPER) have also been working on a Grindhouse/B Movie themed album entitled Coming Attractions. I mention this because FOODie and I have never met, we have never spoken a word to each other, outside of emails back and forth. While on Soundcloud he listened to a track of mine, requested to use it, and 8 months later we are close to having a whole album completed. That is why the Soundcloud community is amazing and why I believe in the creativity it promotes within artists. It allows artists the opportunity to collaborate with someone who lives on the other side of the country, that they would typically never had met, and whose style differs from their own. I say this because I urge all of you to step outside your comfort zone, explore the Soundcloud community and find someone you’d like to work with. You might be surprised at the results.

In the meantime, go check out some of his tracks on SC and look for Occult Cypher to drop later this year.

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