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Drum n' Bass


Breakbeatartists Aka BBA(UK)

Bournemouth  UK

New urban era catch up with jay from Breakbeatartists

As the name says this outfit are smashing the break beat scene with tracks forthcoming on subcode music & signal audio recordings as well as there own label BREAK AUDIO RECORDS.

Hailing from London UK now based in Bournemouth / Brighton / London, the trio were brought up through the rave scenes of London following it from oldskool to jungle to now what we call drum & bass and the many genres and forms we have today. Inspired by the scene they wanted to put their own mark on it and soon mastered their own DJ skills and started there kit collection with a Atari and Amiga followed by EMU and AKAI samplers ,

Now using mainly a software based studio running Nuendo /Cubase /Ableton live and a arsenal of plug-ins which they execute to perfection .


You will love or hate this track but the fact is there is massive respect in the music production circles were intelligent drum and bass is concerned as it’s by far the hardest style to produce.

The track is full of dirty bass hits layered with reverse hits rolling along with a fine tuned beat taking you into the dark side of drum and bass with a vocal sample to scare the hardest of all grandma’s .Its sure to be a hit on the circuit with its clever bridges and fills keeping the edge through out the track .

Breakbeatartists  are a forward thinking outfit be sure to hit their soundcloud link  and check them out 

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by Vic B

New Urban ERA








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