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Bedroom Clothes by Jerry Andrew [pop]

Bedroom Clothes by Jerry Andrew [pop]

Jerry Andrew’s track Bedroom Clothes is a piece that will definitely appeal to all the listeners out there who like their music to have a blissful romantic side. Andrew’s performance on this piece is expressive, but at times crosses the line into over-expressiveness that takes away from the emotional sincerity of the song making him sound almost melodramatic at times.

A true highlight of this track is rightfully the instrumentalists. The piano performance was very polished and added to the whimsical, romantic timbre of the piece. The guitar’s sound was clear and very well defined perfectly encapsulating the vocalists musings. Put together, both the piano and guitar make an unfathomably beautiful team that creates an extremely rich instrumental accompaniment.

Andrew proves on this track alone that he is a powerful vocalist. His breathy vocals gives the song a more intimate quality that offers listeners a better peak at the emotions rooted in the heart of this song. This is further supported by Andrew’s clear vocals that help carry the song with ease and shows that his vocals are embedded in passion as opposed to being more artificial or forced. The tune also showcases Andrew’s impressive upper register vocal range.

The track’s lyrics paint a rose-colored picture of falling in love with every part of your partner, but lacks sophistication. Although catchy with lyrics such as, “I’m falling in love with you. Your skin’s so neurotic, bipolar, ADD. Some call it poison. I call it free,” there is a lack of real depth making the message of the song come across more immature.

The song has many other great assets. One of these strengths is the melody that is both well-shaped and interesting thanks to the remarkable pitch and duration of the tune. Another selling point of this track is the strong rhythm. It engages listeners while almost lulling them to follow along the track with its hypnotic cadence.

This track is part of a larger album created by Jerry Andrew’s named Paris which was released earlier last year. This track and even further, this album, should prove to listeners that Andrew is set to make a mark in Pop history.

Bio: Jerry Andrew is a “humble beginnings” artist. Growing up and learning piano in a small Arkansas city, he began to move past the classical styles and began learning songs off of the radio by ear when he was roughly 13. Eventually, he began writing his own songs. When he was 16, he began developing his voice and love for multiple genres, along with the Christian music he grew up around. From jazz to film scores to the latest pop hits, he began learning and listening to it all. He began playing shows around the Little Rock area, but he then turned some of his focus to the production world. He has built his knowledge and skill of the production process to be able to fully produce his own debut album.




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