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“Blood Bath” by The Fullbug

“Blood Bath” by The Fullbug

Blood Bath by the Fullbug is a heavy rock track that reverberates in your soul. The song perfectly captures the dark feeling of betrayal and duplicity with lyrics that can best be described as absolute bloody poetry. It evokes powerful emotions and is very much an anthem for self-destruction. When the Fullbug sings, “tell me you can see how your lies are bleeding me,” the raw feeling of the lyrics fills your soul with the same fire that this band sings with.

The song begins with a strong guitar intro that can best be described as borderline harsh and edgy, but perfectly combines with the gruff and growling vocals to create a sense of euphony.  The guitar riffs are thrilling and creates a buildup of excitement that is satisfied by the harmony that the vocalists of the Fullbug bring when they sing together.

The vocal talent of the Fullbug in Blood Bath is undeniable and ultimately helps enforce the emotions evoked in this song. The growling tone of the main vocalist is enough to make any listener feel as though they themselves are the liar that the Fullbug so artfully calls out. The vocals further reflect the passion the band has for their craft.

The guitar solo that takes place near the end of the song build ups and does not let down. The solo climaxes as the tension created by the edgy instrumentals leads to a point of blood-pumping anticipation.

Blood Bath definitely appeals to those who like their rock to have a headbanging excitement to it. The song almost demands for you to rise up, beat your chest, and thrash your head in absolute exhilaration.

Although the recording quality of the tune could be improved upon when the song reaches its conclusion it leaves you thirsting for more from the band and fills you with a powerful sense of being. The realm of heavy rock is filled with bands who try and fail to live up to the gods of heavy rock, but the Fullbug is not one of those bands. Their raw talent is obvious and as their popularity grows I expect greater and greater things to emerge from this band.


Bio: The Fullbug is a hard rock band from Tel Aviv, Israel that formed in 2015 under the name “Project Revival”. The band formed after spending several years playing in various groups within the Israeli punk rock scene. Their debut album, “Heavy Gravy,” debuted in 2017 and the band went on to win the prestigious “Best Rock Act” award from Radio WigWam in the United Kingdom.


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