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“Borderlines” by Collected [Hip-Hop]

“Borderlines” by Collected [Hip-Hop]

Collected’s single Borderlines immediately grabs listeners attention with its explosive dynamic and unforgettable melody.

The artists of the Collected prove on this track alone that they are an extremely talented group of vocalists. What really helps them stand out above the legions of other Hip Hop and Christian groups alike is the impressive way that the various vocals blend together to create such a rich harmony without diminishing each vocalists ability to bring their own flair to the piece. Each vocalist in the group brings an emotional quality to their singing and rapping that gives an authentic feeling to Borderlines that really helps listeners connect to the song on a deeper level.

When lyrics are able to tell such an expressive story while also perfectly highlighting each vocalists independent strengths you know that there is a talented songwriter in the mix. The lyrics of Borderlines tells a powerful story of musicians who wake up every day fighting the temptations of fitting themselves into a musical mold to match what is popular in music today.

The lyrics of this track are truly catchy and help make the piece a memorable one. When you hear the lyrics, “I’m in and out of lanes crossing borderlines. My faith is strong. Bring it on. I’m more than fine. Even more than fine is where we’re going next. Better get your passport. Ask for. Look at my ties, blue skies, look at that jet,” listeners find themselves immediately sucked into the singable melody of the track.

Another standout aspect of this tune is the high production quality. The vocalists are never drowned out by the electronic instrumentalists. The digital effects used in the track are perfectly balanced so that it enhances the tune without going overboard and overwhelming the stunning vocals. The polyphonic texture of the track shows that Collected knows how to piece contrasting musical sections together seamlessly.

Balancing their Christian faith with the often unorthodox and anti-scriptural trends of pop culture, the Collected share their struggle to listeners with a track that shows that they have a lot of talent to share.

Bio: Collected was created by six artists who attended the same church together in the Atlanta suburb of  Marietta who decided to band their creative talents together. Their music is defined by the poetic blending of Hip Hop, Trap, and Electronica. The band’s passion for music is only surpassed by their love for Christ. The group is comprised of rapper/singer/songwriters HTWO, Fr3D, DOM, and Aaron Leonardi over the sounds of EDM veteran producers Wolfsnare and Chaos Surrendered.





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