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BOYS – “Summer of Love” A daydream celebration [Alternative Pop Post-punk]

BOYS – “Summer of Love” A daydream celebration [Alternative Pop Post-punk]

Boys PhotoBoys PhotoSometimes, a musician’s inspiration comes from the things he’s least familiar with: songs of romance rather than songs of experience. Much like the Swedish have taken over the Balearic beat that should be reserved for islanders, British indie pop band Boys trades its rainy, cloudy England for a relaxing beach party. Boys’ new track “Summer of Love” is a daydream celebration dedicated to the season they rarely get to experience.

Boys mixes surf rock with new wave in same way that The Drums do. Although their surf rock guitars and beach sound effects do set the song’s feel, the singer exaggerates his British accent so there’s no mistaking where they’re from. He sounds exactly like an 80’s new wave singer who’s found his way out from urban life and into the tropical coast. This mix is clean, since the influencing styles mesh organically without clashing.

Although “Summer of Love” accomplishes the dreamy feel and good mood, there are a few things that Boys can improve their recordings (even if they are self-proclaimed “lo-fi”). The background falsetto vocalist is definitely off-pitch and his levels are mixed at a high volume (translation: you can hear the sour notes clearly). With a few more takes and more subtle mixing, that singer will sound better. The electric guitar’s tone is also mixed a tad high, as its entrance felt aggressive for a dream pop song. However, the distortion and reverberation tones fit perfectly.

Although Boys’ “Summer of Love” is melodic and relaxing, it makes me excited for whatever this band makes next.

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BOYS are a lo-fi dream pop band from West London who formed in 2013 to pass some time on a rainy day, but something happened when Ross Pearce (vocals/synth), Mike Stothard (guitar/production) and Daniel Heffernon (bass) began to play together.  Despite being without a drummer, or anywhere to write and practice other than one of their bedrooms, the music the trio were making was of a quality none of them had been prepared for… and the surf pop gems have kept on coming, with each of their recordings attracting an increasing number of downloads and plenty of attention from bloggers in the UK and America.


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