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Brightest Color – “Transatlantic”

Brightest Color – “Transatlantic”

Living in uneasy symbiosis are somber, mellow twinkling of guitar chords, thumping bass synth, and complex percussion rhythms that are mathlike in nature. Brooklyn group Brightest Color take a nod from groups such as Foals, M83, and Bloc Party. Their mishmash of indie rock trudging and subtle synth coating recall those bands while refurbishing it with with a sober dosage of distance that separates the quietly complex rhythms and unison of low lead vocals and high background singing. This song, “Transatlantic,” off their first 2012 release, hits the listener upside the head with various influences filling the void, underlined with post-rock leanings to give it that extra spice of space and room. The drumming patterns never ease up on the finesse, displaying complexity and a mastery of the kit that booms, shakes, and shimmers with the ambient plucking of guitar chords. Vocal harmonies juxtapose and mary, yet sound a bit detached from one another like a great divide–a transatlantic divide… I’d like to hear the reasoning behind this concept.

The amalgamation of musical styles deserve a slightly better treatment, however, the creative vibe is swimming strong through the currents. The accentuation of voices are lacking a bit of oomph that would have given “Transatlantic” an extra bit of power and drama to complement the turbulent rhythms and melodies tornadoing all around it. I’m just saying, with more energy behind the vocals, this song would peak more curiosity from the listener.

Production renders the instrumentation a bit hushed, undermining the impressive chops that members Florent and Erik are blessed with. It would be a lie to say that these guys have no talent. Being able to keep sound unique and interesting is a task in itself and many artists don’t know where to begin.

Errors aside, “Transatlantic” is a noteworthy hatch of a brand new project ready to flow over the radar at any minute with glamour and elation.

If you want to hear this track with a bit more thump listen the the Electric Bloom – Foals (remix)!

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Twitter : @brightest_color

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