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BUMP by DJ Grv

BUMP by DJ Grv

The introduction of BUMP by DJ Grv starts off great with a beat that builds on each note and creates a feeling of excitement in listener’s chest as they reach a musical climax waiting artfully for DJ Grv to drop the beat. Listeners are not left disappointed as the drop descends leaving listeners in a musical ecstasy.

What helps make this track stand out amongst other Hip Hop and EDM tunes is the unique instrumental arrangement. There is a distinctive variety of instruments on this track. One of the fears you have with such a diverse group of instruments working together is that the instrumentation will come out unbalanced. Fortunately, the instrumental balance on this track is outstanding. Each instrument compliments each other bringing a cohesiveness to the track.

The only detractor from the instrumentation is the percussion that, although beautiful, gets overly repetitive at times making the sound of the drums feel annoying at different intervals to listeners. If the percussion varied periodically the tune would be made even more impressive.

The rhythm of the track is unique and flows effortlessly. The rhythm really washes over listeners and lulls you into a trance where you can’t help but sway to the beat. The tempo is fast which leaves you constantly engaged throughout the track. The beat is accented at various points which adds a punch to the tune that is just outstanding.

The melody is another pinnacle part of the song. It is smooth and well-shaped making it memorable for listeners. Another reason why the melody is so memorable is that it changes throughout the piece, but it does so in a way where the track isn’t left with a disjointed feeling. Instead, listeners drift from one melody to the next with ease.

DJ Grv shows on this track alone that he is an up and coming DJ on the rise who has a lot of talent to show in the world of Hip Hop and Trap in particular. If he continues to make tracks as outstanding as this one, it won’t be long before we hear his songs all over the radio.

Bio: DJ Grv is both a DJ and a Producer from Indore, India. He produces his own official electronic, progressive, hip hop, trap and trance music for EDM lovers.

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