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CANVAX presents “Valley”

CANVAX presents “Valley”

canvaxcanvaxCANVAX aka Danny Jeroense has been making Electro and Techno music for fifteen years. Immediately you can hear the experience in his music. The production value of it is absolutely gorgeous. He has created a beautiful sonic playground for the listener. Nothing fights for attention, everything is panned out great and has it’s own space within the song. I always love finding out how musicians make their music and I was really surprised to find out that he makes his music on the commute home on a train.

Obviously with the Electro Genre, I would assume he’s mainly playing with programming and some kind of sampling, so you wouldn’t really be able to tell. He’s great at mixing and mastering. The levels are great, and there are no interfering frequencies. Balancing that out especially with Electro  instrumentals is a tricky thing and it comes from trial and error. You have to know your craft very well to do what he’s done. The only thing about the track that was a little distracting was the swelling pad that carries throughout the song.

A tiny bit of variation with the chords or notes being played would be nice, but it’s doesn’t take much away from the song. I think the production, mixing and instrumentation is just fantastic. Listening to his other songs, you can still hear that high level of production. I’m definitely a fan of his now. I’m looking forward to what he has coming out in the future.


I’m producing Electro and Techno music. Most of my tracks are made during my one hour train commute and I finish these tracks with some mixing/mastering in my small studio at home in Enschede (NL). For fifteen years or so I’ve been making electronic music, it took a while to get my own style, now I have found it I’m producing one track after another.

Valley by CANVAX

Here’s a link to the EP art:

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