Chicola : Lost and Found Recordings

July 21, 2016 By SoundCloud Music Reviews
in All Music Reviews, chillout, Dance, Electronic
Ask anyone with their ear to the thriving scene in Tel Aviv who the most consistent producer and DJ to emerge in the last two decades is and you’re likely to repeatedly hear the same name; Chicola. With an admirable...
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SoundCloud Music Reviews: Flaviyake – Electronic Boy [Electronic Pop]

February 9, 2015 By Beth Weston
in All Music Reviews, Electronic, electropop
Electronic pop is becoming increasingly popular with electronic festivals taking place all throughout the world every year and millions of independent electronic tracks online. The world of electronic music has seen some...
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SoundCloud Music Reviews: Dogstaar – “Everybody Needs a Butler”

January 14, 2015 By hdesantis
in All Music Reviews, Dance, Electronic
Spanish electronic producer Dogstaar has been flipping through the pages of Daft Punk’s Discovery playbook. Naturally, he’s found some good lessons that he’s incorporated into his track “Everybody Needs a...
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Anne Simone - "Digitize Me"

Anne Simone – “Digitize Me”

November 25, 2014 By hdesantis
in All Music Reviews, Electronic, electropop
Like many of us in the 21st century, Anne Simone feels the influence of digital technology in everything. Her new song “Digitize Me” doesn’t show fear towards the digital age, though. Instead, Anne Simone goes...
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Nick Cosic Studio

Nick Cosic – Thinking About Tonight

November 4, 2014 By hdesantis
in All Music Reviews, Electronic
  So what do you now about the electronic scene in Serbia? Okay, I know nothing about it either. Either way, Beograd’s own legendary producer Nick Cosic has been representing Serbian electronica for almost 20 years....
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Saum G

SaumG – “Running Through You” [Electronic Pop]

July 8, 2014 By hdesantis
in All Music Reviews, Electronic, electropop
Accomplished cellist and producer SaumG just released his new track “Running Through You,” which beckons for an EDM party, but not with the average arrangement. Instead, he loads this song with an arsenal of familiar...
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Joe Given

Joe Given – Pop Fusion in “Terrifying Love”

July 7, 2014 By hdesantis
in All Music Reviews, Electronic, electropop, Pop
Some voices are just meant for pop: constructed and designed to be the vocal point of an easy-listening experience. If you read about Joe Given and his pop influences, you see the likes of Sam Smith, Lana Del Rey, John Legend,...
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Aubergine Machine Cover

Aubergine Machine – “Hostage”

May 28, 2014 By hdesantis
in All Music Reviews, Dance, Electronic, electropop, House
It’s a rarity when I find a SoundCloud song so enjoyable that I have to play it on repeat before writing about it. It’s even more rare for me to listen to all its remixes so enthusiastically. Needless to say, Aubergine...
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Kbit’s Space Symphony in “Anytime But Then”

April 24, 2014 By hdesantis
in All Music Reviews, ambient, chill, chillout, Electronic
If I’ve learned anything from space travel movies, it’s that outer space is terrifying. Something always goes wrong out there and at least one astronaut is left to die alone in orbit. Horrific. In contrast, Australian...
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Gasmilk Maximizes off Simplicity in “2 Of Us”

April 24, 2014 By hdesantis
in All Music Reviews, Dance, DJ, Electronic, electropop
Gasmilk’s new track “2 of Us” is about being direct. It’s about not wasting time to come forward with what you want, even if it’s something simple. This is an appropriate theme to pair up with music that wastes no...
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