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Cherry Dreams “See You Again” – Rock Music

Cherry Dreams “See You Again” – Rock Music

The band is currently composed of vocalist Michael Owens, the talented guitarist Greg Learmonth, and former Sweet Lucy keyboard player James Todd. Bands gain and lose members all the time but the core emotion and motivation behind the band tends to never change when creating great music.

The band says that one of their greatest musical influences would be the band Led Zeppelin, and other heavy metal rock icons. The rock music “See You Again” displays the bands ability to relate and tell their listeners a story on a deep level, and the song displays both the vocal and acoustic talent the band has.

The song is about a soldier that is at war, singing to his son back at home. The words in the song make you feel a great deal of emotion for the solider, and it helps people understand the struggle that people serving the country on deployment must endure every moment while they are away. The words in the song make the listeners realize that the solider may not be coming home to his family, and that soldier must sacrifice for everyone to be free.

Although the lyrics are expressive and somewhat sad, the beat of the song is moderate. There are uptempo parts, however there isn’t a lot of vocal diversity on the track. The song has recently appeared as #70 on the FBMQ music charts, which is a great success. The song puts the band on the chart next to highly accredited and famous artists like the Fray and One Direction.

The sound and recording quality is great. Music producer Lance Anderson, who has won a couple of CCMA awards for his talents, has been helping the band produce their music. The band has expressed their gratitude and excitement working with him. Anderson had played some piano parts on the “See You Again” song during recording. Anderson was also the Maple Blues “Keyboard Player of the Year” award winner in 2013, bringing more talent to the band.

The drums in “See you Again”, where executed almost flawlessly. The recording presents each and every drum stick strike, clear and bold. The overall mix between the drums and various instrumentation is mixed and balanced extremely well.


I don’t personally know a veteran who experienced this situation, so the song didn’t directly relate to me but the patriotic nature of the song is very strong and for some, this will create a lasting emotional connection. I thought that there could have been another verse or two, and that the song could have had a faster tempo. I didn’t walk around humming the tune in my head for the rest of the day, possibly because it’s just not that type of song.

If you’re looking for a traditional rock band that can have jams with bone chilling guitar solos, and but can still sing about the great details of life, Cherry Dreams will have music to meet your tastes. The song “See You Again” isn’t for the modern alternative rock listener that wants to hear a lot of different rhythms and strong baritone vocals. It’s a well-written traditional rock song that connects with listeners to describe the real strife that soldiers go through fighting for their country.

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Full Bio:

In 2003, vocalist Michael Owens, guitarist Greg Learmonth and long time friend drummer Serafino Verardi started jamming. They were soon joined by former Sweet Lucy keyboard player James Todd. Collectively, they are primarily influenced by Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple.

Although he was in choir at a very young age, Michael went to college and became an engineering technologist. After college, he decided that he wanted to pursue a career in music so he moved to Calgary and began studying vocals at Royal Conservatory. While there, he also began private voice instruction from Van Louis, original lead singer of The Stampeders. Michael was in several bands over the years, mostly in Calgary and Toronto, and courted success on many occasions. While in Toronto, he also studied opera at the Canadian Vocal Academy. While working abroad from 1993 – 2000, Michael wasn’t able to actively participate in his music career. He started doing so again in 2003 when Cherry Dreams was formed.

Greg grew up in Calgary, AB and began his musical journey at age 6, starting with piano lessons. This continued for another 8 years at which point he completed his Royal Conservatory of Music exams achieving First Class honors. By this time though, Greg had already gotten the rock n roll bug and had began to pursue his real passion, which was the guitar. With a solid musical foundation, Greg taught himself to play the guitar, studying the masters of blues and rock, most notably Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix and Ritchie Blackmore.

As a teenager Greg spent as much time as he could jamming with friends and anybody he met that that shared his passion for music. After high school Greg went to Toronto to study 2 years at the Trebas Institute of Recording Arts, learning about music production, sound engineering, music composition and a wide variety of other music industry essentials. After Trebas Greg would spend the next 4 years going back and forth from Toronto to Calgary playing and recording with various musicians. It was during this time that Greg had met a singer in Calgary named Michael Owens and formed a band called Wyldlife playing covers and recording original songs on Greg’s new 4 track recorder. This relationship would result in Cherry Dreams 25 years later.

After Wyldlife called it quits, Greg spent a few years trying to get something going, finally hooking up with some old friends, playing and recording mostly original music in a band called Goodstock which lasted a few years. It is also around this time that Greg began his career as a music instructor, teaching mostly guitar and bass guitar which he continues to do today, 15 years later. In around 2003 Greg and Mike reunited and worked at getting a band together. Soon they were joined by former Sweet Lucy keyboardist, Jamie Todd and the seeds for Cherry Dreams were sown. The seeds finally burst in 2014, when Cherry Dreams recorded their debut EP at Cherry Beach Sound in Toronto.

Michael first met James (Jamie) in 1988, when the band he was in toured in the rural Alberta town Michael was living in. Jamie was only 16 years old at the time, and playing in a Deep Purple tribute. Because of his age, he had to be escorted on and off the stage in the bars where he was playing. His band eventually changed their name to “Sweet Lucy”. who became one of the top touring cover bands in Western Canada from the late 80’s through the 90’s. He eventually was hired to play for Wide Mouth Mason.


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