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Hip Hop

Clean North produced by Sleeper

sleeper-frontsleeper-frontWhoo weee! All the way from Minneapolis, Bradley Henegar aka Sleeper rises and steps up.

All I can say is that the production flavor on “Clean North” is definitely a soul soaker. Since I love the sound of the piano in almost any track, I am a little partial to the instrument selection. I give this track, thumbs up, because it caught my attention right from the start. The drums are definitely powerful enough to call this a head banger and keep you rocking while driving down the road.

I like music that mentally takes me somewhere and the ambient sounds floating through the track send you on a trip down memory lane. If I could change only one thing, I’d say the break down at the mid-point of the track could be much shorter. While it allowed be to breathe and get amped back up, I was ready to nod my head again.

In conclusion, I still have to say it’s a solid track and I would definitely like to hear an emcee with some butter word play drop lyrics on this.

Bradley Henegar a.k.a Sleeper is an established local DJ/Musician hailing from Minneapolis by way of Detroit. His musical aesthetic permeates an era steeped in both nostalgia and capricious grooves. For the last 5 years, Sleeper has been working within the music scene all his life on different projects and various roles as well as DJing and making beats around the Twin Cities.

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Find additional samples of Sleeper’s music here:

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