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Shut Em Down Radio

Shut Em Down Radio Interview with Cormega

Shut Em Down Radio Interview with Cormega

Cormega Excerpt: “but you know, I respect that and I mean cuz you trying to perfect your craft road so now you know radio shows and stuff like that I mean like we know the monotony is the same old thing but you would come with some new delivery some New Concept with that was all right that I like both of the tracks end now I know you working with Conway to yeah I’m on Conway project moving without right now okay that’s only man I’m going to try to get that on here surely you know I’m saying so also with the production right now are you currently working with I know you work without permits to yeah he confirms my next project is already confirmed bright okay no nothing so I’m looking for today  forward to that is now we know how to pick Music I think music  music with their ambition another word and do not swear”

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