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Cory Tselikis – Everything Else – The Chris Wilson Bowen (EE2 Remix)

Cory Tselikis – Everything Else – The Chris Wilson Bowen (EE2 Remix)

EE2_Avatar_Logo-coryEE2_Avatar_Logo-coryI always get very excited and honoured when artists approach and trust me enough to give a comment on their fruits of hard labour. A week ago, I got inboxed with this remix by an artist with cryptic name – EE2. After careful examination, I was eager to find out who the mystery one is.

SoundCloud Music Review’s Kasis presents to you Cory – Chicago based DJ/Producer, former creator and manager for internet radio station. He began his music career as a DJ in Chicago’s suburb. He quickly became good enough to support likes of Psycho Bitch and Teri Bristol in Chicago’s well known clubs like Crobar and Vision. In 2007 he launched an internet radio site called which created a great buzz and resulted in followings from fans, DJ’s and artist alike. Although, it was a success, Cory decided that it was a time to close this doors in order to pursuit his dream of becoming a music producer.

His wide circles of interest in various artists like Enigma, David Guetta and Paul Van Dyke – to name a few – allowed him the ability to create a diverse music compilations which drives your mind, heart and soul. His ethnic heritage – half Greek, half Polish – influences some of his tracks, adding Euro club – friendly vibe.

Moving on to main subject. The track is a remix of Oliver Ayre’s ‘Chris Wilson Bowen’ made by EE2 and it doesn’t resemble the original the slightest – which is a good thing. It sounds as if Cory created a completely new piece, adding much needed dynamism and emotions.

I was listening to this while having a breakfast which resulted in spilling coffee all over my dressing table. The reason being, a straight-ahead, deep drum loop with ride cymbal for ‘hello’ that caught me off guards.  The track is a fluid combination of stubby, short organ sections and classic housey keyboard, all riding on warm and energetic beat. Shakers add an exotic vibe to the whole. As I mentioned above, it starts with a good energy, straight to the business and you hang on immediately, intrigued.  The build up section has all the elements needed to create anticipation but comes back too weak for my liking.  Coming towards the end, I couldn’t escape the feeling of monotony which could have been avoided by cutting the length into just above 6:00 min as oppose to 6:54 – it would still sounded good.

Cory’s artwork is mellow and filled up with sense of longines.  I can definitely hear influence from his favourite artists which sounds a bit like Paul Oakenfold in this case. It isn’t very original or structurally different to what is already out there, although, I can see it being well received in clubs. I would quite happily listen to it while watching sunrise on one of Ibiza’s beaches.

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He is influenced by the musical sounds of artists such as Enigma / Michael Cretu, David Guetta, Bob Sinclair, Deadmau5 and some other great artists like Gigi D’Agostino, Paul Van Dyke, Armin Van Buren, Paul Oakenfold, Armin Van Helden and Tiesto.  His musical diversity allows him the ability to appreciate all genres and create music compilations that draw on such diverse sounds and rhythms to create unique songs.

EE2’s music not only draws upon the audience’s sense of hearing, but also on their sense of touch because his music really moves you and you can feel the energy throughout your body. EE2’s music also has an emotional element to it, in conjunction with the moving sounds, his music drives your mind, heart and soul.

EE2 is also influenced by his ethnic heritage – half Greek, half Polish – in creating Euro club‐friendly tracks. EE2 has even dabbled in creating some hip‐hop music which merely exemplifies his musical diversity. EE2 possesses an inherent talent to really understand sounds, rhythms and musicality and how they all interplay with each other to create exhilarating music. EE2 is greatly inspired by music of all sorts and really enjoys what he does. He hopes to pass along his talent and appreciation for music to his future kids someday and hopes that his fans truly enjoy his tracks. Watch out for this hot new artist as he will make it on the big stage real soon.



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