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SoundCloud Music Reviews: Cream City Case – “Ain’t Stressin”

SoundCloud Music Reviews: Cream City Case – “Ain’t Stressin”
SoundCloud Music Reviews: Cream City Case - "Ain't Stressin"

SoundCloud Music Reviews: Cream City Case - "Ain't Stressin" SoundCloud Music Reviews: Cream City Case – “Ain’t Stressin”

Musical sensuality is frequently sought after but rarely obtained. When it comes to a genre like R&B, you need serious vocal chops and a complimentary track in order to make a song that really swoons. Arizona-based rapper Cream City Case found the perfect crooner in featured singer ROB to set the right exposition for his rap verse in his song “Ain’t Stressin.” Through smooth production and a great singer, Cream City Case puts his street persona to work over a sultry soul song.

Though Cream City Case is the song’s technical artist, his contribution to this track is more prevalent though his production than his actual rap verse. The track’s laid-back creation is characterized by an 80’s-style keyboard riff that starts the song and keeps the flow going for its entire endurance. After the dreamy keyboard is introduced, we see more of a contemporary production style with the slow but sharp drumbeats that echo the late 90’s and early 2000’s radio soul style.

As mentioned earlier, this is more of an R&B song than a rap song. The mood is delivered by guest vocalist ROB who, through a mixture of distorted vocals, auto-tune, harmonization, and natural falsetto, delivers a story of love and desire through a passionate plea.

The production in “Ain’t Stressin” is tight and ROB’s vocal skill is showcased well. However, Cream City Case’s actual rap verse feels raw and out of place. It almost seems like he produced this great R&B track and then tried to force his own verse in. I get the desire to be accredited as the main artist for this catchy song, but I feel the rap verse threw the song’s rhythm off. In reality, Cream City Case should realize that his rapping and production can be two separate skills that fit in different situations. While this song makes the best of his production skills, his vocal contributions are best utilized on tracks that have a beat and flow built for rap.

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Born in Philadelphia, Demetrius Parker has been rapping since he was 14 years old. Currently on his 3rd indie mix tape, Parker’s music is influenced by his family’s music. His uncle was a part of local group called Major Figgas and another uncle was a deejay. Parker now resides in Arizona and plans on making Cream City Case a household name in due time.





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