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Customary teaches us what not to fear with his new single “Fear” [Hip-Hop]

Customary teaches us what not to fear with his new single “Fear” [Hip-Hop]

customary-hip hopcustomary-hip hopThey say three’s a charm and with this album being the 3rd from customary hip hop, I’m expecting great things.

Right from the start you get a sense that this is definitely not his first time making music. The single, “Fear”  is great music no doubt, as an introduction, of what is to come. The verbal flow is crisp but somewhat intermediate-elementary.  I’m guessing that this track is meant for the the “babes in Christ” or really anyone who doesn’t understand the basic foundational principles of Christianity and are in need a song of hope and inspiration.

What’s most interesting is the chorus. While one would typically expect the chorus to be brought forthwith laid back peaceful vocal tones, it’s not the case here. The chorus is what tapped me on the shoulder and said…”Hey”, as if  I was facing some serious opposition and had to gird up, to deal with it. Standing firm and not cowering away from our daily issues because of fear is the underlying message.  After hearing the chorus I felt like the song took a turn and yet while I was hoping  for a bit more metaphorical word play, the strength of the chorus gave the song it’s strength to be more than just a song.

The musical beat bed was nice, but typical of hip hop tracks. I did appreciate that it left plenty of room for the vocal to find a nice position. The beat actually backed up the vocals unlike a lot of hip hop these days where the vocals seem to be chasing the beat.

This songs message could have been completed with the first 2 versus. The 3rd seemed to make this song a tad bit too long and it didn’t further enhance the nature of the song. Maybe if the 3rd verse did a changeup with the music beat and provided something unexpected, then it could have impacted.

The confidence behind the vocals sell the track and his heart is clearly in this song. I am looking forward to hearing other tracks and curious if  “Customary Hip Hip” will truly switch it up and give us some powerful surprises.

May god speak through me, may my work speak for me, may my character be shaped by the example of Jesus!

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About this track:

“I wrote this album around the themes of grace, selflessness, compassion, and the distraction of pride that keeps us from manifesting those qualities.  I have many close friends that have bitterness towards “Christianity” or Jesus, because of the way the people of the church have acted out of pride on issues regarding sin, when sin shouldn’t be our focus; but instead our focus should be grace, love and forgiveness.  We don’t need to debate how people should live, we need to love them no matter how they live. Arguing out of pride in what we believe is pointless and only creates more separation between “religious people” and “non religious people.”  Everybody is selfish and wants to be right, but less pride would go along way and could help decrease the separation of Christian and Non-Christian.  Instead of trying to separate ourselves from the others, we should try to make people feel like they belong, and will be accepted,” Customary shares.

Customary “Compassion” track list
1. Compassion
2. Fear
3. Room to Grow (feat. Bobby Bishop)
4. All I Wanna Know (feat. Dom)
5. More Than Words
6. Gates of Heaven
7. Hanging On
8. Everything Will Be Alright (feat. Dom)
9. Be the First
10. Left With Nothing
11. He Don’t Love Ya (feat. Dom)
12. What’s the Point
13. People Get Ready
14. Thankful (feat. P. Dirt and Dom)

All production by Customary.



Pre-order Customary Compassion at iTunes.

Stream “Fear”, the first single, via Soundcloud.



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