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Dash & Brasc0 – Our Mother (Produced by Layzer971)

Dash & Brasc0 – Our Mother (Produced by Layzer971)

I absolutely love the message in this song. A song about respecting and loving our mothers is something that needs to be pushed more than it is.

Unfortunately it took me a quite a few listens to really be able to understand the lyrics and get at that message. The lyrics are good, but there’s no catchy hook to grab at you and keep you focused. I felt a little lost at parts in the song. The delivery feels a little slow at parts then feel rushed at different parts. This could be fixed with nudging the vocal track to fix the speed of the delivery. The instrumentation on it’s own would be great, and parts of it really do fit very well with the lyrics. Parts of it are a little overwhelming, the pausing of the music could be used to help push home the message of the lyrical content. The bass feels a overwhelming and the swelling vocals in the background along with repeating portions of the vocal are distracting. I understand they are used purely as an effect, but it’s very easy to overuse those effects. Sometimes less is more, and the placement of it is very important to help push the song forward instead of just using it as repetition.

The production of it is great, the vocals sound fantastic. I think that he definitely knows what he wants to say and knows how to create songs. Sometimes when we put so much of ourselves into our work the editing portion is made so much harder because we don’t want to remove anything we feel adds to it. With a little bit of editing and polishing, this track could be great. He’s got a great foundation to work with.

Dash the Baptist is an unsigned 30 year old hip-hop artist from Ghana in West Africa. Currently residing in London since the age of 16, he describes himself as a “life-narrator”. From teenage pregnancy to racism, he deals with issues in a highly personable way without preaching to the listener. He is currently working on an album called “The Book of Dash” due out the end of this year.

From a young age, he found comfort in the expression that words allowed. A keen reader, he began to write his own stories, which led to poetry which along with the popularity of hip-hop in the early 90’s led to his first forays into rap. Influenced by artists like Dead Prez, Jay-z, Nas & Slick Rick, his songs are about everyday life and struggles, and the effect these have on the human psyche.

After years of indulging and perfecting his craft through hard work and experimentation, he finally feels able and comfortable to mount the final push.. When asked of the possibility of failure in his quest for critical success amongst his peers, he responded, “I wouldn’t lie and say I didn’t want the things that success brought, but what is most important, is leaving a work of art I can look back on proudly and be able to show my kids and grandchildren!”

With this attitude and work ethic, it is hard to fault his dreams and ambitions. 2013 promises to be an important year with the release of his mixtape “Remember Sammy Jankis” and the EP “The Book of Dash” due soon.


Our Mother – Dash & Brasc0 (Produced by Layzer971) (Live Video in Description) by Dash The Baptist


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