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David Bradford brings heavy electric guitars in “Oceans” [Alternative Rock]

David Bradford brings heavy electric guitars in “Oceans” [Alternative Rock]

BradfordBradfordTo sum it up best, “Oceans” is a song written by electric guitars for electric guitars. Philadelphia-based David Bradford wrote this track around meticulous guitar tones instead of a specific rock category. With distorted chords, driving lead riffs, and an arsenal of effects, David Bradford makes electricity the priority for “Oceans.”

As said previously, “Oceans” pieces many different electric guitar accents together to create an ongoing crockpot of its own sound. The palm-muted power chords indicate a skater punk style while the modulated lead sections point closer to alternative and indie rock. Bradford’s commanding vocal delivery is also appropriately matched for the driving forces of the song.

Even though the recording and effects qualities are audible, the song’s composition poses some listener problems. The biggest of which is how the song has no structure. “Oceans” is an ongoing verse with a few interludes. It features frequent chord changes and differentiating patterns in the music. But something huge is missing: a chorus. While a conventional chorus isn’t entirely necessary, the return to a musical theme or hook is. Without it, the song seems to ramble on without “getting to the point.” Because of this, it’s difficult for the track to catch on with the listener.

For D.S. Bradford’s next song, he should keep in mind that choruses are still valuable tools for people to remember the song. The chorus is the song’s stamp and this song fails to brand itself. Even when you want to try something new and ambitious, you still have to compromise and cater towards those robotic listener instincts.

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D. S. Bradford (David Bradford) is a guitarist, recording artist, producer, composer, songwriter, and instrumentalist from the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. His journey started in Boston, his birthplace. Bradford’s love for music and art started at an early age and progressed. His style of musical tastes ranges from rock to classical and his own creations are reminiscent of 90s-era alternative rock, the period of time in which he was most influenced. Bradford has performed in some top spots in and around the Philadelphia area, New Jersey, and Delaware – both with his previous band and as a solo act.



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