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Dawnshape – “Either This”

Dawnshape – “Either This”


album art dawnshapealbum art dawnshapeAn echoing glow of minimalism, this composition makes great use of wide-open spaces and closed-in production. “Either This” by Dawnshape is a steady rhythm of quiet percussion, the distant chime of horns, and the gentle plucking of key-strings to create a song both sweeping and constrained. The vocals are a deep, soulful bass that never reach a register higher than the throaty plunges into the heart, but they also never lose the emotional impact conveyed in each strain.

The trio of Dawnshape, consisting of Antoine Ollivier, Gregory Hoepffner, and Sébastien Hurtel, has been creating offbeat songs such as “Either This” since 2009. This group is enthusiastic for creating songs in unconventional structure with conventionality thrown in for unexpected hooks, melodies, and beauty.

“Either This” is a somber tune, like waking up on a dreary, rain-soaked morning and looking out a window full of condensation, but not without the sun peaking a beam or two through the clouds. The drunken strum of guitar chords is like the tinny clatters on the roof up above, and the beats boom underneath like waking, fertile soil in the midst of a monsoon. The conclusion culminates in a beautiful array of orchestral horns, which fills the empty space with a sunny, triumphant soar, flying over everything beneath.

Call them indie, call them alternative, call them experimental, Dawnshape’s knack for the unexpected promises this song as a real treat, and the potential for the future is limitless.

Mini Bio:

Dawnshape is a parisian trio runned by Antoine Ollivier (Kid North, Painting By Numbers), Gregory Hoepffner (Almeeva, Kid North, Painting By Numbers,… ) & Sébastien Hurtel since 2009. Their music is a constant duel between pop efficiency and thirst for experimentation, led by Antoine’s simple and sensible vocal melodies through unusual song structures and odd harmonies.



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