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Delirium by Thom Moot [Rock]

Delirium by Thom Moot [Rock]

Thom Moot is a rising talent that is surely moments away from becoming the next big name in music. His track “Delirium” is one of many tracks that shows just how talented Moot is both vocally and instrumentally. 

Vocally, Thom Moot is a force to be reckoned with. The track perfectly captures Moot’s perfectly balanced gruff and clear vocals. The gruffness brings an earthiness to the track that pairs well with the instrumentation, particularly when it comes to the guitar. On the other hand, the clear tone brings an authenticity to the track. It’s pure tone is free of force and over production. This vocal combination draws listeners in and makes for an outstanding listening experience.

Another prominent aspect of the track is the instrumentation. The instrumental variety is rich and the production team behind Thom Moot shows their own talent by the way they perfectly balance this variety so that each instrument has their own moment to shine and no instrument seemingly overpowers another. One instrument that stands out above the rest as far as quality is the guitar. At times it comes across as dirty and raw which pairs well with the earthiness of the vocals. At other times the guitar playing is full and shows how strong the guitarist behind Moot is fundamentally. 

Lyrically, Moot is clever and original. Lyrics like, “…I wish the world would embrace solutions to the problems that we face. Our eyes are closed cause we’ve been told it’s something we can avoid. But I feel no pain when the sun rays burn their eyes. You hear no cries, but the danger, the danger it still resides. And people jump on a ride that leads them to their very own demise,” just begins to scrape the surface of Moot’s lyrical talent. The track’s lyrics are thought provoking and deep.

Overall, Thom Moot continues to prove that he is one to watch as he once again shows the world what a truly well rounded, well developed track looks like. The recording quality is outstanding and perfectly captures this artist’s overwhelming talent. This track is sure to be an anthem on the rise. 


Thom Moot is an alternative rock artist from Portland, Oregon. He currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. His newest solo album “Moot Points” is available now.

Instagram: @ThomMootMusic

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