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Drum n' Bass



DIGITALLY MASHED started his DJ career over 20 years ago and is still going strong today .

In the year of 2009 DM along with many DJ’s joined the j-tek movement set up to reignite the sounds of the short lived jungle techno scene that swept the UK dance scene in the early 90’s , The new brand j-tek would have all the elements of jungle techno keeping its tempo and vibes at 140bpm to 150bpm . Being produced with the advances in hardware and software the rebirth would be on another level with effects to die for, clean crisp sound and as many sequence tracks you want. Tie this in with the advances in production skills from the old school producers wanting to be part of the revamp of a much loved scene you would think it had success written all over it .

Unfortunately this was not the case with nights being on the quiet side and battling against economic down turn many top flight DJ’s returned to their bread and butter slots and things were looking bleak for the all new J-tek sound.

One DJ was not willing to give up though DIGITALLY MASHED still pushed the sound on his radio slots every week and at one point playing four different shows on three stations . Before long DM had his chat rooms buzzing and was recruiting new producers to the scene. Scanning soundcloud daily DM was hitting up potential producers offering them a platform to showcase their music on his shows. Only four years on and his hard work as paid off with Big artists making a impact on the scene such as previously reviewed vinyl junkie & Bay B Kane .


Currently with his weekly Top Drawer Digital 140-150 Bass Show live every Tuesday 7-9pm on & The Jungle Show live every Wednesday 6-8pm on DM is still more than active playing a major part in the ever expanding label TOP DRAWER DIGITAL and pushing the scene GLOBAL .


NEW URBAN ERA MIX — Digitally Mashed 

Get a load of this exclusive mix put together for us at soundcloud music reviews and New Urban ERA ,

DM showcases J-Tek mixing up tracks from 2009 to present including tracks from the scenes biggest names and labels along with artists who have made there name from the sounds of J-tek ..


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Lucas – Reign
Strange Rollers – Badlands
Tango & Ratty – Killa Sound
Insa – New Dark Era
Kranky & Lethal – Reflection (Original 2009 Mix)
Madcap – Artillery
Lunar Shift – Cello (KidChameleon Remix)
Radio Killaz & Highly Strung MC – Future Junglist
ViSible Sound – Thunderfist
Vic B n Redshift – I Need You Back 2 Skool Now
Warrior One – 1996 Riddim
Bay B Kane / Darkhalf / Terminus – When I Return (VIP)
Vinyl Junkie & Sike – Warrior
Strange Rollers – Killa Of Sound (Original Mix)
Bennie D – Scaramanga
Bojcot Selectah – The Ultimate
Insa & Sanxion – The Ruffest
Jinx In Dub – Shaka Sonics ft Mikey Don (King Yoof remix)
Tony Rocky Horror – All Your Soundsystem
Bill Bunter & Sanxion meet $pyda – Jump Around (Original Mix)
Sike feat Rachel Wallace – Lost In Daze (Sanxion Remix)

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