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Soulful House

DJ Renay Soulful House Mix December 2b 2011

DJ Renay Soulful House Mix December 2b 2011

djrenay-december-2011djrenay-december-2011The reality is this… if you don’t know who DJ Renay is, then you need to find out. I am proclaiming DJ Renay as definitely one of the “Sade’s” of Soulful House music. After listening to the “December 2b 2011 mix”, I realized that it takes not only knowing the music but it also takes a special amount of charisma in order to blend a mix with perfection.

There is an instant draw to the start of the mix that only gets stronger and stronger. Before you know it, you are immersed into a sound that keeps you floating on a smooth mellow vibe. I’m convinced DJ Renay destroys all doubt about the power and fulfilling vibes of Soulful House music.

Soulful house music is purposed to reach the soul and to keep your moving to the music from the inside out. It touches the very root of our inner core’s appreciation for music.

DJ Renay tells her story just like this, “I am a house music lover who accidentally became a DJ because of my frustration of not finding the house music I wanted on cds. I started my journey late in the game (age 42) and spent 5 years learning to mix and playing music in my living room for my own enjoyment. I finally got the courage to play in public at an “Open Turntable” and, after appearing a few times, I was offered an opportunity to play during the breaks of the regular band and eventually advanced to playing 4 and 5 hour sets.

DJ Renay currently resides in New York and continues to bless venues with her unique blend of musical sselections. I met DJ Renay via SoundCloud and although I have never met her personally, she was kind enough to submit her mix to the SoundCloud Music Review group. Thank you DJ Renay for blessing me, and the many who enjoy the vibe of Soulful House music.

Listen to the Mix Below:

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Find DJ Renay by following these links:!/profile.php?id=704988242 (music section)

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