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SoundCloud Music Reviews: Dogstaar – “Everybody Needs a Butler”

SoundCloud Music Reviews: Dogstaar – “Everybody Needs a Butler”
SoundCloud Music Reviews: Dogstaar - "Everybody Needs a Butler"

SoundCloud Music Reviews: Dogstaar - "Everybody Needs a Butler" SoundCloud Music Reviews: Dogstaar – “Everybody Needs a Butler”

Spanish electronic producer Dogstaar has been flipping through the pages of Daft Punk’s Discovery playbook. Naturally, he’s found some good lessons that he’s incorporated into his track “Everybody Needs a Butler.” This instrumental song wastes no time with warmups or stretches. When the track starts rolling, the party mood is immediate and unquestioned.

“Everybody Needs a Butler” rides off of polished electronic production  while its pulse bumps with the raw energy of rock music. This is a rare skill that few deejays can pull off well. While a producer may be good with polished beats, the ability to add electricity isn’t there for everyone. Dogstaar does an excellent job mixing the best parts of these two worlds: the lead synth riff is friendly to the rave crowd while the hard cymbal crashes have the rowdy rage of a garage band.

Another thing that Dogstaar does especially well is use the glitch effects to stall the song’s build-up. There’s something about it that just makes you want to break out into a spastic dance moves. While he continues to use this effect over again, the musical tweaks are never quite the same every time.

My one piece of advice for this track would be to add a vocal sample. Although this track is fun and danceable, a vocal sample is what makes many electronic dance tracks resonate. This track is good as is, but a vocal sample mix would help people remember it more. Even if Dogstaar uses variations of just one line, I think it’d make a big difference.

Dogstaar is from Ibiza, so he definitely knows what beats and sounds get a party rolling. As long as he continues to follow the leaders of electronic music, Dogstaar has the creativity and skills to make dance songs that compete with the very best.

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Dogstaar is from Ibiza, Spain and his musical philosophy is to “push the boundaries of sound and break outta the norm.”






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