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SoundCloud Music Reviews: “Don’t Call Her Cinderella” by Katie G [Pop]

SoundCloud Music Reviews: “Don’t Call Her Cinderella” by Katie G [Pop]
SoundCloud Music Reviews: Don’t Call Her Cinderella” by Katie G [Pop]

SoundCloud Music Reviews: Don’t Call Her Cinderella” by Katie G [Pop] SoundCloud Music Reviews: Don’t Call Her Cinderella” by Katie G [Pop]

Nashville’s own young yet powerful country artist, Katie G, released her newest hit, “Don’t Call Her Cinderella” on May 11th of this year. This edgy track with a sweet demeanor is winning over the hearts of listeners all across the globe with it’s message of independence and individuality for girls everywhere. The empowering message portrayed in the lyrics by Katie G reflect the strength in today’s female youth, similar to artists such as Demi Lovato who break the societal barriers that surround us continuously as a whole. “Don’t Call Her Cinderella” beautifully conveys a message of strength and unity through it’s enriching lyrics, backed up with a beat that can lighten up anyone’s mood in the room.

The mere intro to this track sets off a string of positive and inviting vibes, and the transition into the vocals is the perfect combination of smooth and upbeat. Katie G’s voice comes off as a pleasant yet powerful essence, complimenting her strength with a friendly deliverance. The vocals start in a prompt and delicate manner, so that listeners don’t have to find themselves becoming bored with a drawn-out intro. Each transition is constructed in a manner that generates more enthusiasm in the listener, due to it’s lively rhythm and increasingly confident lyrics.

While the initial beat surrounding the introduction is upbeat and lighthearted, the chorus intensifies and makes you really want to get up and dance. Katie G was able to find the perfect rhythm to compliment her uplifting lyrics in a productive way. Not only does her message of courage and independence ignite a magnificent spark in listeners, but the enthusiastic rhythm throughout the entire song amplifies her message with it’s optimistic and influential presence. It would be a seemingly tough challenge for anyone to listen to this vibrant and encouraging hit without finding themselves dancing to the beat. All 3 minutes of the song’s dynamic causes listeners to feel animated and inspired with every note.

Katie G’s message of confidence is sure to touch the hearts of millions in a way that is easy to relate to. The twangy edge added to this single provides the perfect balance of relativity combined with new-found empowerment. Although the lyrics convey the aspect of female-empowerment, it is done so in a way that is captivating and carefree. Katie G found the perfect way to illustrate a much-needed message of strength to our current youth, and backed it with a beat that makes anyone want to get up out of their seat and dance.

“Don’t Call Her Cinderella” ends with a strong spirit, with Katie G singing her compelling lyrics at a heightened level that instantaneously touches the hearts of listeners with a burst of inspiration. The abrupt absence of background music that shortly follows allows her to display her positive message one last time, in a memorable and touching way. Although courageous ballads are not a rarity in today’s music industry, Katie G found a way to incorporate her message of courage in a way that almost anyone can relate to.

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Katie G is a young singer/songwriter from outside NYC. Her unique style of country and pop original songs has given her opportunities to work with some of the best in the music industry. Working with #1 hit songwriter and producer, Zac Maloy (Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry) on her first two EP’s in Nashville has been an amazing experience for the young singer/songwriter.

Born outside of New York City, Katie G grew up in New Jersey. Katie has been singing as long as anyone can remember, using the dishwasher as her stage to anyone who was in the kitchen. At age 7, she graduated to singing in front of a live audience when she performed “December” from Anastasia.

Among her influences, she lists Jana Kramer and Taylor Swift. Kramer’s hit, “Why You Wanna” got her interested in country music. After seeing Taylor Swift perform on “Ellen”, a 9 year old Katie decided that she wanted to pursue music as a career. Katie recalls writing her first song around age 5. “I actually had to have my older sister write it down because I didn’t know how to spell all the words. It made no sense but had a catchy tune. Everyone laughed when I sang it so I am not sure if it was the song or me they were laughing at.” When she was 11, Katie recorded that song just for fun.

Katie frequently sang at the local Community Theater and local open mics, but her first big performance was at a talent show in front of 1800 people. She performed her original song, “Heaven”. In 2014, Katie had the opportunity to perform on social media tours such as Magcon & Digitour. The tour took her to Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Nashville and New York City at the famous Best Buy Theater. Katie recalls playing a show in Springfield, MA where 7,000 people waited in the rain. She holds the title of “Youngest Performer at Digifest”.

Her first EP, In Time, was co­written and produced with Zac and released last spring. Her single from the EP, Just A Kiss debuted on national television gaining her interest from a wide range of music industry professionals. Don’t Call Her Cinderella is her next single being released in May of 2015. Co­written by Katie G, Zac Maloy, Graham Colton and Nick Wheeler (All­American Rejects) this song has a fun, upbeat tempo and crosses between county and pop. Recorded in Nashville with band leader and percussionist Miles McPhersen (Paramore/Kelly Clarkson). Despite her age, Katie states “things that may be happening in my life or in a friends life can inspire me. I know I am young but kids my age do deal with a lot of things and have experiences to share.” As a singer/songwriter she is inspired by all aspects of her: life-school, home, and friends.

Katie has to juggles voice, guitar, and piano lessons along with rehearsals and performances with her school work. Katie notes that she has been lucky to have a school principal and teachers who are very supportive. Her parents also want her to be a regular teenager and think it’s very important Katie has a normal social life. Katie explains “I do get to spend time with my friends but I also miss out on some things sometimes. All of this is life experiences that help me with writing new songs.”

In her short career, she has already done so much. On her biggest accomplishment to date, Katie points to performing her song “Just A Kiss” on national television. The original song was on “Fox and Friends” and reached over 1 million viewers. Another accomplishment that she ranks as high is opening for one of her idols, Jana Kramer. “She was so sweet and I will never forget all the encouraging words she said to me.”

Katie has a message for her fans: “I love meeting them! After a performance I like to meet with fans, talk to them and take pictures. It is one of the best part of performing live.”

For more on Katie G, visit her website (, Facebook (, Twitter (, Instagram (, and YouTube (

Her original music can be found on iTunes.

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