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Don’t Doubt Elon Musk’s new EDM track

Don’t Doubt Elon Musk’s new EDM track

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla released a first ever EDM track called “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe, released on “Emo G Records. Elon Musk is always full of jokes and random comments that tease the mind and seem to be subliminal on purpose. Who would have thought this would have been a literal forward movement into his “music career”

Turns out, he was serious, and we didn’t have to wait long to hear the track. The lyrics are super simple and super short — the whole song consists of “Don’t doubt your vibe / because it’s true / don’t doubt your vibe / because it’s you” repeated over and over. The Lyrics are performed by Elon himself.

The overall arrangement of the track poses no problems to the listening ear, although it could have encompassed many other possible variations.

It is what it is and if nothing else, Don’t Doubt ur Vibe, just gave SoundCloud and Emo G Records a new level of free exposure.

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