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“Don’t Go” Produced by Dave De Rose

“Don’t Go” Produced by Dave De Rose

Let’s cut to the chase. There is one thing that can’t be debated…  Dave De Rose is either a very talented music producer or he is a music magician. I am leaning heavily on premise that he is definitely a talented musician. Whether it’s drum n’ bass, funk, house, afrobeat, techo or hip hop, Dave has carved his own signature sound into music masterpieces.

The first track I heard was a track called “Don’t Go (Original Mix)” and it instantly entertained my sense of sound and music ascetics. I found myself singing along to a simple phrase “I like you, seems like I’ve know you.” This one phrase really adds an interesting twist to the track. I consider it to be another layer of icing on the cake. A deep bass line and perfectly positioned ambient sounds fills the track and give you a sense of anticipation.

One of the most interesting instruments used in this track are the drums. They are fresh, precise and played like a pro, which just happens to be what Dave De Rose is. His early career was focused on drums specifically and knowing this, explains why the drum track in “Don’t Go” is phenomenal.

Dave is currently on the artist roster at Nature Scene Records based in the United Kingdom. With over 3,000 plays on SoundCloud, and over 100,000 plays on myspace, Dave De Rose, a serious artist, is here for the long haul.

Thanks Dave for being apart of the SoundCloud Music Reviews.

Read a bit more about Dave’s history:
Rome, Italy, 1994. Exposed and encouraged by a broadly artistic family, a young Dave De Rose first started making tracks on a Studio M Roland Sequencer he’d bought to practice his drums to. His studio monitoring system consisted of a junky 40W bass amp, then bouncing material down to tapes that got played in friend’s cars, family home stereos and on a merry-go-round at a summer countryside fair in Collemare, L’Aquila. The tapes have long been lost but it is believed that the sound could be described as synthetic-blast-beat-jungle-core…

He eventually emigrated to London to pursue his drumming career; his musical experiences leading him to work with artists such as Moloko, Roisin Murphy, Beth Orton, Jamie Cullum, Mark Ronson, Corinne Bailey Rae, Mulatu Astatke, Reel People, Shri, Andreya Triana & Scroobius Pip (to name a few!). Currently he works solo as ‘Dave De Rose’ and is a core member of Longjon La Flecha, Barnaby Keen Band and Soundspecies.

Embracing his own blend of electro-acoustic productions inspired by Dance, Psychedelic Funk, Hip-Hop, traditional African and Latin American music, with an arsenal of vintage drums, scratched up vinyl, and analogue synthesizers, he continues to corrupt the boundaries between production and live performance.

Following the release of his debut EP “De-Glammafy”, a number of remixes, the Nature Scene Records release “Radici in Me” summertime mini EP ‘Don’t Go’, Dave’s first full length record is due to be exposed in 2012.

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