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DUMB BLONDE’s “Realistic Nightmare

DUMB BLONDE’s “Realistic Nightmare

DUMB BLONDE’s “Realistic Nightmare” is a haunting track that brings to light the troubling reality of everyday nightmares from drug addiction to financial crises. The haunting quality of this track goes beyond the pictures the lyrics paint and are rooted in the quality of DUMB BLONDE’s vocals. DUMB BLONDE has incredible vocal talent that is unbelievably raw. The artist is very expressive, and you can feel the pain she’s going through and the bravery it took her to put something so painful and honest out for the world to see and criticize.

That being said, it is very hard to criticize anything about this track. The lyrics are unprecedented and help bring to life the realistic nightmares DUMB BLONDE experiences. With lyrics such as, “…I sat up in that room for over two something years dwelling in my thoughts and defeated by my fears” and, “I couldn’t bear to share it, the devil he had won. I almost took my life I couldn’t love who I had become,’ listeners can feel the pain this story is telling and sadly this story is all too familiar making it an exceedingly relatable track. That being said this song reinforces the strength it takes to live in the “realistic nightmare” and how to triumph over it. This is what makes the song such a strong piece. It’s not about succumbing, but overcoming.

In addition to the vocal and lyrical talent, the track is strong instrumentally. The first 15 seconds of the track reels the listeners in. The instrumentation is reminiscent of entering a haunted house and in a way when you listen to this track you are. Except this haunted house doesn’t contain ghouls and vampires instead it draws on real life fears and that’s the hook DUMB BLONDE uses to get you listening until the last note.

“Realistic Nightmare” by DUMB BLONDE is a musical experience. It’s a unique track that differentiates itself from a sea of competitors to showcase raw talent that is aided not by cheap effects, but lyrical excellence.


DUMB BLONDE is a female Hip-Hop artist out of Houston. With a twist of women empowerment and daily issues written from the soul; 100{41e357fed0c84f9247e7e029c2544c4f4d2795d9dff547b874d0988202651dd4} real life! DUMB BLONDE RAPPER™, who also goes by the name DUMB BLONDE, has a fierce lyrical outlook on music. Originally from Monroe, Louisiana she has been in Houston, Texas since 2008 and calls the city of H-TOWN her second, but equal home! This female MC is starting to come up rapidly as she is spreading nationally receiving positive feedback from all over the world. She has dropped 2 EPs alongside with 2 albums titled: shut up and listen, and The Overflow!


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