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Ebony Archer: Get Back Up

Ebony Archer: Get Back Up


If the sound of a neo-soul dance party meeting R&B sounds appealing, then Ebony Archer is going to be your jam. Ebony brings enthusiastic gospel-infused pop: taking musical influences from the 80’s and vocal influences of the 90’s. You’ll know exactly what I mean as soon as that synth line starts up, the drum build-up enters, and Ebony starts her sermon in “Get Back Up.”

Ebony is a talented singer without a doubt. Her voice is a little deeper than the R&B names that she’ll remind you of. I see that as a good thing. It gives her more character. As far as the music goes, the melodies, pace, and structure are all fitting. However, the dynamics could use a little re-working. I understand that the song is aiming to incorporate an 80’s feel. However, since production quality has improved dramatically since this era, adjustments could give the existing instruments some more life. The synth, for example, sounds a little dry: almost like a preprogrammed setting on an old keyboard. The bass doesn’t really boom enough. The drums feel a bit too computerized. It’s not that the track needs to be higher production so much as the existing production could be improved (The chimes at 2:22 and 2:37 really need to go though. Just a tad too 90’s).

No additional melodies are needed, the dynamics just need to be more…well, dynamic. The foundation for the song is strong and, most importantly, Ebony is a fantastic singer. Ebony doesn’t have to worry about dressing up her vocals through production because the talent is there. Keep the vocals the way they are, enhance the instruments a little more, and you’ll have yourself a fresh song reminisce of past eras (rather than restricted by them).


Born and raised in Harvey, IL, Ebony Archer has been using her gift of music since an early age. At the age of six, she started singing in her church where her gift was discovered. In the year of 2000, Ebony joined Walt Whitman and the Soul Children of Chicago at the age of eight. With this gospel group, Ebony has sung in front of audiences of ranging numbers and have shared the stage with many famous names in the industry such as Yolanda Adams, R. Kelly, Celine Dion, Donnie Mcclurkin, and so much more. Through the vocal training, and learning how to have great stage presence; it has molded Ebony into a gifted singer and because of her inspiring voice, she is now known as “Inspirer”.

Now at the young age of 21, Ebony will be releasing her first EP called, “The Breakthrough” on June 29th underneath her independent label/entertainment company, Inspired By Purpose Inc. The purpose of the company is to use entertainment to spread the message of inspiration. This purpose is shown through Ebony’s EP. The EP is an upbeat, Inspirational record that features the styles of Whitney Houston, Cece Winans and Aretha Franklin with a new generational approach. The record is leaded by the first single, “Gotta Believe In Me”, which is now on CDBaby and all digital retail outlets. The pop tune is an inspirational song to motivate the listener. “The Breakthrough” is a highly anticipated recorded from her fans. “She is the Voice of her generation” quoted by Mathell Givens, radio personality of The Big Gospel \ Express 1570AM.

Yet, Ebony is not only a songbird, but she is an entertainment mogul in her own right. She is the Executive Producer of Youth Speak Out TV Show. The TV Show airs every Tuesday evening at 7:30pm on Comcast Channel 19. It will also air on Dish Network and WJYS in the fall of 2013. With her avenue of the media and entertainment, Ebony will be producing and filming her first documentary project called “Silent Tears” in the fall of 2013. Ebony is also the author of “The Inspirations of Life”, which was released in October 2012 and now is available on Through her gifts and talents, Ebony is determined to make a positive impact in the communities and throughout the world. For the true motivator behind her vision is: bony’gifts of music and entertainment will help brand her into one of the greatest singers and entertainment moguls of all time. Visit to learn more

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Twitter: @ebonyarcher2

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