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Echolily “Under the Clocks” – Electronic Pop (Australia)

Echolily “Under the Clocks” – Electronic Pop (Australia)

Michelle C., a.k.a echolily is an electronic pop musician/producer residing in Australia. Echolily presents “Under the Clocks” for your listening pleasures.

The Premise: Under the Clocks

A love story set in Melbourne. “Under the Clocks” refers to the iconic giant clocks of Flinders Station where two lovers had arranged to meet on their first date. An electronic pop/lofi that tells the story of two people falling in love in the beautiful city of Melbourne. Just as the city went into a pandemic lockdown, the love story ends with longing, languish and a 8 bar instrumental break. 

The Review

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect initially. I always try to gauge the content from the title, but in this case, I could not. Listening to music prior to reading the producer’s descriptive perspective can keep the surprises interesting.

The Japanese train terminal at the beginning, opens up the mystery behind the song’s purpose. The sultry voice fades in and then punches through with a calming authority.

Stay-stay-stay-stay with your arms around me. The visual projection of a loving and caring gesture. Between the vocals and the kick you find yourself simply encapsulated with a sound that provides a lush covering of emotional sounds. The change-ups in rhythm and sounds arrangements are beautiful and really interesting. It’s run to hear repeating rhythms that are continually layered differently. These sound choices are kind of spiritual.

There are points throughout the song where the vocals didn’t seem as strong, but it works. Coupled with reverb, chorus, reflex, the sound is raw. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the artist can’t sing, I am saying that there was obviously an artistic choice in how the vocals were presented. Is it the artist in the vocal booth, attempting to tell a love story that was presented to her or is it the artist on the street that is living the love story through her own voice. The first route would have colored sound in the vocal booth and the other would have less colored/filtered sound because of the open environment. So, given that long unnecessary explanation, It works. Artistically, it’s great!

I would love to hear the vocals without the effects in order to compare the post production version. I’m curious to know what kind of vocal magic is hidden in there.

I don’t feel like the track was a rushed project, it was very well mixed and the arrangement didn’t sound out of place or out of “harmony”.  I think reverb can be overused and in this particular case I would tone down. In an environment that is purposed for surround sound, it would be delightfully pretty darn cool. 



About Producer/Artist

echolily: when not producing from her bedroom, works as a medical doctor. A frontliner throughout the pandemic lockdown, echolily finds solace within the music and songs that were mostly echoing in her head…”

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