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Ekow Briandt – My Shining Star

Ekow Briandt – My Shining Star

ekow_smallekow_smallEkow Briandt, I first want to thank you on behave of all the men that might hear “My Shining Star”. This song has giving me ammunition for anytime I have woman problems, I will just play this song and tell her when I hear this song I think of her. She will hear the lyrics while falling for that reggae beat and by the end of the song I will be forgiven for all wrong doings.

“My Shining Star” is your classic reggae love song. What separates Ekow from many other attempts is that his voice and lyrics seem to ring with truth love. Ekow Briandt voice is a raspy, elegant, mature one. He sounds as if he has never had a voice lesson in his life so you get this raw authentic tone that escapes into the microphone and really penetrates the music into your bones. He dedicates this song to “all the special women in our lives”, and he does an excellent job with the lyrics. This song can be played for a wife, girlfriend, sister, or mother. I can see this song being played as the first dance for a bride or groom, or at some beach front late night tavern that serves coconut daiquiris and pina coladas. Great song for just chilling with your lady on the porch in the hammock on a warm sunny afternoon.

The music is traditional reggae, which would probably be my only criticism. The problem is that if you stay so traditional no one has to listen to your song because they have heard something similar a thousand times over. Ekow’s voice separates him but the music kind of puts him in the general reggae box. Being generalized is never good for an artist.

I will say that if Ekow has more music (only one post on Sound Cloud) I will definitely give it a go. I did like the song, worth listening to. 7 out of 10 on the Ekow’s vocals, but a 5 out of 10 on the music solely based on lack of originality.

Ekow Briandt (Biography)

Ekow Briandt was born on July 25, 1981 in Madina-Accra in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. He is the third born of five children (all boys).

Ekow Briandt became more confident in his singing craft and begun singing solos in front of his Sunday school peers, and due to his impressive performances subsequently he was offered the main Church’s platform of about 600 people, and he delivered to their amaze. He then became a toast of the town and was invited to sing at several Church events outside his Church.
He continued singing in the secondary school, singing to a student population of about 1,200 at campus Church service motivated and challenged him to develop his talent. He joined the Scripture Union and Harvest International Singing groups on campus. Has hasn’t look back to singing in Church to date as he currently lead praises at Church as a member of Talent Singing Group at Immanuel Methodist Church-East Airport under North Accra Circuit of the Methodist Church Ghana. He started composing and writing his own materials in the Secondary School and was courageous to perform one of his songs in school.

He stepped up his talent by starting to record his songs in the studio. His first studio section was somewhere around 2003 at TLC studio with Zap Mallet one of the pioneers and best sound engineers in Ghana. As a student of life at all times my first studio experienced boosted my moral and challenged me to do more with my talent. Ekow Briandt is a versatile and dynamic artiste hence he is able to do all genres of songs and preferred to be tugged as a musician and not narrowed to a particular genre of music. He does songs in hiphop, reggae, r&b, hiplife, hilife, afrojazz, etc. To be able to do his music his own way, Ekow studied a professional sound engineer course online thereby making him competent to produce and engineer his own music. His musical goal is to be able to affect lives positively with his music thereby making his lyrics more educative regardless the genre and topic of the song. “I believe music is the most powerful medium of communication in our modern world hence with conscious lyrics addressing various societal issues strong impact could be realized”. Ekow Briandt.

Ekow Briandt has several songs in his closet and has decided to bring them out now. He promises good materials for all music lovers worldwide.


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