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Eluusif – Hair Like Skrillex

Eluusif – Hair Like Skrillex

EluusifEluusifTowards the tail-end of the Eluusif’s dubstep track “Hair Like Skrillex,” he has some robots deliver the following message for him: “I want my hair like Skrillex, Ears like Deadmau5, Beard like David Guetta, Teeth like Feed Me.” He also has the robots challenge the listener not to like it. However, these are the biggest names in the electronic and dubstep genres, so challenging someone to like music that incorporates these artists’ iconic elements really isn’t much of a challenge. On the other hand, understanding how all of the song’s elements go together is a huge challenge.

Eluusif is going for a different angle for dubstep. I’ve seen his SoundCloud listeners refer to his style as “chill dubstep,” which fits quite well. His drops aren’t energy boosts so much as they are just song transitions. Vocalist Adorah Johnson is featured to sing in an R&B style rather than pop, which is far more laid-back than other dubstep producers try to be.

The song can be improved, though. Eluusif has some production zeal that he wants to show off, but the overwhelming combination of wobbles and wubs feel erratic and unstructured. These signature dubstep effects continue throughout the entire song, rather than being featured at certain parts. When pressed against Adora Johnson’s singing, it just sounds like two completely different songs are being played at the same time. It’s very busy and cluttered. For the song to be less chaotic and more distinct, those lead effects should go in spots without Adora’s vocals. Otherwise the attention is split between the singer and the noises, resulting in sensory overload. If Eluusif learns how to compose his songs with structure rather than piling on noises, his chill dubstep style will be much more coherent.

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Eluusif is a London UK based musician, songwriter and producer of  electronic music. His compositions draw on a number of influences  including dance and dubstep and is a multimedia artist who combines  music, videos and animation.

Eluusif’s music has received widespread acclaim, having been featured  on several Hype Machine Blogs and prominent publications including  Aerial Noise, Sound Of Confusion, the Music Ninja and The  Recordstache. Currently Eluusif is recording new material and  promoting his new release “Aliens Do It Better”.

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