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Emcee Suspense – “Reaching Out”

Emcee Suspense – “Reaching Out”

Emcee-Suspense-Profile2Emcee-Suspense-Profile2One thing that Emcee Suspense has going for him in the song “Reaching Out” is his sampling skills. He produces his beats well. The sample is catchy, ascends smoothly, and isn’t distracting from his raps. This is important as the beat gives him freedom and space to bring whatever lyrical pattern he sees fit to the song.

Emcee Suspense has this song about reaching out, which presumably should be an inspiring declaration about his strengths overcoming his struggles. However, the lyrics don’t paint us a clear enough story to really feel that. Rather than talking about his vision, the dialogue is begrudging. These lyrics are addressed at a “you”, which means this song is supposed to be in conversational context. Suspense seems to have it in for whoever “you” is, but we don’t really know why. Suspense resents “you” for not caring about him, for not knowing him anymore, and reminds “you” that he carries a gun around with him nowadays. What are we supposed to do with that? The audience will have a hard time rooting for Emcee Suspense unless he proves to be the good guy in this equation.

Suspense has a proclivity for creative metaphors, but after a while they don’t seem to represent anything. He needs to use that creativity to give the audience a conversational story rather than a defensive rant. Suspense should use his free-verse rap abilities to his advantage and take us into a day of his life. Emotionally charged lyrics will only be valued if he can evoke empathy or admiration.

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Str8 outta K-Town 27, Little Village Chicago. Emcee Suspense is a master of his craft, Establishing himself as a musician/sample based producer. Street Establishment Rekordz = Emcee Suspense. CEO. Emcee, Music producer, Musician, D.J.,B-Boy, Graffiti Artist, Beat Maker and Audio Engineer. Born in Los Angeles. Raised in Little Village, South Side Chicago 26th Street K-Town. I started Emceeing since 1996 at age 11, Started writing rhymes / lyricism in 2000, Then moved on to producing in 2001. My first album “Under The Streetlights” released in 2005, my second album “Path of a Villager” in 2007, my third album “Restaurant Chicago” in 2009, Fourth Album “Visions of a man through the eyes of a child” in 2012. My fifth album “The sound cloud initiative”. Aka (27 Bullets) in 2013. I am now currently working on my 6th album “Order out of chaos”, a double LP with 40 + new tracks soon to release in Winter of 2014. I am a well rounded individual when it comes to this Hip Hop culture. Never afraid to speak my mind and put it to the loose leaf and express myself through music. Multi talented (Quadruple Threat / Renaissance Man) as many would say. I also represent Chi-Rock Nation / Chapter 17# Representing the finest in the Chicago Hip-Hop culture. Peace – Emcee Suspense




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