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ENTT’s “Mumbai” Is Electric

ENTT’s “Mumbai” Is Electric

ENTT’s “Mumbai” is electric and shocks the listeners as they take in the invigorating track. The hook is strong, as it sinks its nails into the listeners and pulls them in as the beat slowly envelopes the ears. Electronic is a highly competitive genre and if you can’t nab the listener’s attention within the first 5 seconds, prepare to become another song in a long line of skipped tracks. I’m certain that ENTT’s “Mumbai” has never been skipped as the rhythm is far too engaging for a listener to even ponder the idea of skipping the track. Instead, it pulls the listener in and keeps them on the hook for the entirety of the track. 

Along with an engaging beat that has listeners constantly moving, the vocals featured on the track are another selling point all on their own. The vocalists golden voice radiates confidence and warmth. This confidence is contagious, and the seductive tone persuades every listener to do just as the lyrics demand: “come dance, leave all of your problems at the door.”

Just as the beat is contagious, the lyrics are equally so. The lyrics pair perfectly with the beat creating an unstoppable musical force. Together they draw the listener in to a night of dancing. With lyrics such as, “we came to dance, c’mon baby fill up my cup. We came to move, we ain’t gonna stop til the sun comes up,” listeners will have the song stuck in their head for days. This song is absolutely perfect for any club or party that wants everyone to collectively get up and dance. 

Overall, ENTT’s “Mumbai” is an incredibly strong track. Rhythmically engaging and lyrically compulsive, the track involves the listeners on an auditory and physical level. This feat makes for an outstanding song, particularly in the electronic genre where movement is vital. There is never a dull moment for this track as “Mumbai” keeps you engaged from the first note to the last. I expect that we will see even more amazing tracks from ENTT as they continue to grow their following. 


ENTT are a three-piece Alternative Electronic Band from London, UK. Their aim is to bring alternative and electronic music, and infuse the two genres together to see the reaction that will be made as a result of their experimental work. As a live band, ENTT combine the raw elements of rock with alternative drums, 80’s lead guitars, hard-hitting basses and work this with the electronic input of highly complex, but rewarding synthesizers, essentials such as sample pads and the influence of Dance with the live backing of DJ Decks.

Twitter: @ENTT_music

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