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Eric Frisch Gets Nostalgic with “Pretty Girls”

Eric Frisch Gets Nostalgic with “Pretty Girls”

Eric FrischEric FrischDo you ever get in a music discussion only to hear that tired, old adage? You know, the one that says, “They just don’t make music like they used to.” This is a lazy conclusion because many people are chasing nostalgic past-era sounds. As a matter of fact, some of those people are even good at it. Eric Frisch is one of those people, as his track “Pretty Girls” is a respectable hybrid of current-day indie folk and early sixties pop.

While the song’s baroque indie pop composition feels like a present-day project, the actual studio production and songwriting are what give off the “oldies” feel. The entire track sounds like it’s being recorded through an echo chamber, much like an old Motown or Beach Boys number. But the most quintessential fifties/sixties staple is in the lyrics. Before those beloved era bands were tripping on LSD and making hash tents, their songs were simplistic teenage anthems about holding hands and puppy love. Eric Frisch’s song captures that innocent mindset with a very relatable problem: pretty girls exist and he’s too chicken to talk to them. How endearing is that?

“Pretty Girls” is the first track off of the Eric Frisch debut album Bird Cage. His album is a solid starting point and Frisch has an enjoyable sound that he can ride for a while. However, he should still be mapping out the direction he wants to take his music. I can’t help but think of the wave of mid-2000s baroque indie bands whose fame lasted for a couple years before disintegrating overnight (except Arcade Fire. They’re doing fine). While his soft pop style is quaint and fun, there’s only so much ground that can be covered with it (see the actual pop scene evolution from the early sixties). Eventually, he’ll have to add some new dynamics for his music’s staying power. But for now, he’s got a pretty good start.

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Eric Frisch is an indie pop musician living in New York City. Eric’s main influences range everywhere from the Beatles and the Beach Boys to Sam Cooke and the Four Tops to Bob Dylan and Jackie Wilson. Originally from Toronto, Frisch is the second of four children. Frisch began learning piano at an early age and always enjoyed the task of composing on his own. He credits his parents with introducing him to the right music, playing “Here, There and Everywhere” off of Revolver for him when he was 15. Residing in New York for two years, Eric has performed at venues like Rockwood Music Hall, the Bowery Electric, the Living Room, and the Studio at Webster Hall, as well as various venues in his hometown of Toronto, including the Rivoli and Dundas Square.

The sound of Eric Frisch combines elements of 50’s and 60’s pop music with a more modern sound, creating a unique call to the past while still pushing forward into unchartered territory. Eric has just released his first self-produced full-length entitled Goodbye Birdcage. The album showcases his diverse range as a writer and singer, and displays his unique ability to capture the essence of his influences in his music. A talented artist and performer, Eric Frisch writes songs that are original, catchy, and memorable.



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