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“Even The Happiness,” By Samantha Clemons

“Even The Happiness,” By Samantha Clemons

Though often compared to the likes of India Arie and Lauryn Hill for her soulful essence and smooth vocals, Samantha has taken influence from many different genres, and fused them seamlessly to make a sound all her own and her inviting melodies and compelling lyrics are sure to engage any listener.

Overall the song is a real good song. I found the lyrics interesting; I wanted to know what she would say next during the song for some reason. The length is a positive (it ended before I started thinking about when it was going to end…)

The opening fingered guitar chords are nice. To me they reminded just a bit of a possible smooth jazz sound, and then the introduction of the percussion sounded just a bit Latin American to me and made a nice combination. I like the ongoing beat and vibe of the song, easy to get a hold of.

Her voice sounds very strong and capable to me and reminded me quickly of Pink (but the delivery here could not be compared to the all out, emotional performance of a Pink tune). Still it sounds to me like it has much potential.

After taking a quick look at UTube and ReverbNation, I feel more strongly about star potential. She’s great on video and has an ease in her presence that is cool. Some may listen as say that the song has great potential while others may go the other way and say that her voice is amazing but the lyrics in this particular song are not as exciting.

Bottom line is that Samantha gets it done and then some. She is a force to watch as her music career continues to unfold. Her live performance is extremely impressive!


Born in Houston, Texas, to a West Indian mother, Samantha Clemons has long been a success story waiting to be written. Coming from a St. Lucian family, it was no question where her inherent musical ability arose. In a house filled with music and other aspiring talent, Samantha was surrounded with a passion and love for music at a very young age in an environment that would no doubt foster the rise of a star.



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